Feb. 26th, 2012

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All right, ladies, gentlemen, and anyone otherwise-identified. Welcome to our very first Sunday party post!

The rules are simple: anything goes, so long as it's fun. The glorious [personal profile] likeasouffle , who will be going down in some kind of infamy if [personal profile] crown_of_weeds  has anything to say about it, has worked out the codes for how to do gifsets and posted it here, so go wild with that.  Snippets of cracky AU ideas you can't decide what to do with?  Pics, quotes, random bits of interview...let's see if we can't get up a rousing game of memes in the comments, yeah?

One of your mods may be along in the comments with some prompts or ideas for themes today, but either way, go hog wild.  And always remember:


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