Mar. 18th, 2012

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So it turns out this review is going to be massive. And because of that, it's also going to take a bit. But I figure having some of it up is better than none of it, especially since I was probably going to split it for length anyways.

If this was a totally terrible idea someone should tell me and I can just take this down.

So with that much out of the way, here comes Throwdown! (Wel, part of it.)

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Hey there, everybody. Hope you're all having a lovely weekend, or end thereof!

(click for source)

You know the drill: Sunday is party time. Let's see your wacky and/or cracky story ideas, gifs, graphics, interviews, all the headcanons--anything goes!

As the maiden voyage of our [community profile] openingyourselfuptojoy One Sentence Meme seemed to go so well, we'll be at it again this week. :D The rules are fairly simple: post a short prompt in the ISM comment thread below, and other people can attempt to answer it (in one sentence; though no one does that any more...) if they so choose!

And, as we have as of yet had only one entry in out Make Our Comm Pretty contest (and a fine entry at that), that will be open this week also. Given we're a fandom with such talented artists and photoshop wizards, it's only fair that our comm takes full advantage of that! Leave your entries for banners and backgrounds, or the links to them, in the comments.



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Rec Thread (COMING SOON)

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