Apr. 4th, 2012

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 Happy Wednesday, y'all.  A few comments before we start:

First of all, remember that yesterday's spoiler post is open all week to talk about what's going on next week, or any of the episodes after that.  (Tag your spoilers in the comment title, y'all.)

Also, the lovely [personal profile] jakia  has given us a nice in-depth set of screencaps and discussion for the performance that was released yesterday, so go check that out there.

Next week, we get back into aired episodes again!  So just a reminder, our weekly posting schedule is going to go just a little bit differently.

Next Tuesday morning, we'll kick things off with one big giant Tuesday edge-of-our seats excitement post.  Spoilers are ok, but tag them, because once showtime turns around this will turn into our liveblog and episode reaction post!  (Depending on how this week goes, later we'll experiment with having separate posts for the liveblog and reaction).

After that, we get two new, episode-weeks-only posts: a special spec post dedicated to the new trailer, that we can use all week to talk about the episode airing on 4/17, and a gifs-and-images post where we just roll around in all the gifs that the episode has to offer.  Good times!

Then, next Wednesday, 'Ask Your Questions Day' becomes 'Here's What You Missed!'  It's a post to talk about namedrops, references (in dialogue, visuals, or anything else), and all the other little things we may or may not have caught while the episode was airing.  (We'll still have space for general meta discussion).

It is going to be an exciting time, my fine ladies, gents, and otherwise-identified persons of greatness.

For now, meta in the comments here!  Talk more about next week's spoilers, or discuss things we know from the past.  Let's start gearing ourselves up for the awesome.


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