Apr. 7th, 2012

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(images source: kurt-lopez on tumblr)

Greetings, and Happy Easter (in a couple of hours) to anyone on this side of the world! To everyone else, happy day of much silence and many gifs and funtimes. I, for one, have missed everyone very much, and am most glad for the Easter break's existence.

So! Give us all your gifs and gifsets, manips and fanarts, and vids and playlists and, of course, much much more.

Other things:
  • Head over to Tuesday's post if you'd like to flail over the songs we got yesterday
  • On the topic of spoilers, head over here if you'd like to discuss the performance released this week, with some detailed and awesome screencaps by the lovely [personal profile] jakia 
  • Keep prompting and filling on our Thursday Prompt Fest post! (Someday we will make this an actually Frenzy, and it will be amazing)
  • There is also still the going discussion of Glee-related Movie Streaming here with the lovely [personal profile] naderegen 
And just a reminder that our posting schedule is changing as of next week when Glee returns! narceus explained it here, and our sticky note also has the full schedule.

And, here, have some loveable Furt:



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