Apr. 16th, 2012

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And it begins anew, ladies, gentlemen, and otherwise-identified lovelies. Another Monday, another week--another chance to rec a few things to help us all survive it intact.

Trying a bit of something new today, which is THEMED RECS. Feel free to post any of your favorite stories/art/fic/etc that's you've seen recently, but beyond that: this week's theme is cuddlefic. Share with us your favorite fic of all-time that involves two (or three, or more...) of people cuddling, no matter how old, or recent, or well-known. It can be romantic cuddling, or totally platonic, or an entire ND dog pile.  Or hey, a Warblers dog pile, if that's what floats your boat.

(And if any of you have ideas for future themed recs weeks, such as longfic, WIP's, fic focusing on a particular character, gen fic, etc, go ahead and leave those down below too!)


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