Apr. 23rd, 2012

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Good morning, my lot of lovelies.  Hope you survived your respective weekends more or less in one piece.

Today, once again, I'd encourage you to rec any and all fic/art/vids/etc you've seen in the past week that you've loved, and also today, once again, we have an additional theme!

Today's theme is going to be crossovers.   There's been a lot of interest in AU recs, and I think I'm going to break that down across a few different weeks, since there are so many different kinds of AU, and it's only fair to focus on one at a time.  So today, rec me your favorite stories (AU and canon-compliant) that bump across another fandom entirely!  Or vid, or art, or etc.  (I know there's some really excellent Glee/Doctor Who art out there, for instance.)

Give it a whirl, ladies, gentlemen, and otherwise-identified com-mates of mine!  Let's see what you've got.


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