May. 7th, 2012

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 (and the bad puns continue...)

(and feel free to have a good ol' cry about that one) 

So we missed a Sunday post in there, apologies everyone! We're sorting out some admin stuff, and there may be some things changing or happening this week--so keep an eye out for that.

It's Monday once again, which means it's time for Recs To Get You Through The Week! Rec any art/fic/vid/graphic you've seen and loved and share the joy and/or crushing angst.

Theme for this weeks recs, if you'd like to use one, is: 


Interpret that how you will, and rec anything else you want as well.

Be sure to also stop by this week's prompt frenzy thread, it's looking a little lonely over there. 


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Rec Thread (COMING SOON)

Spoiler and Spec Thread (COMING SOON)

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