May. 24th, 2012

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What could be a better way to spend a Thursday morning than filling out some prompts? Nothing, that's what!

Last week's prompts can be found here

So let's get started! Remember, prompts can be filled with fanfics, fanart, icons, anything--whatever you'd like!

1. That time Puck and Mercedes lived with Cooper Anderson in LA because it was cheaper and less terrifying than living on their own.

2. Kurt's magic only ever works for other people.

3. The McKinley High Class of 2012's Twenty Year Reunion

4. Rare pair 1: Quinn and Artie, tango

5. Rare pair 2: Joe and Tina, hair

6. Song Prompt: He Ate My Heart, he ate-ate-ate my heart

7. Song Prompt: You can't stop me mother-f***er 'cause I'm on a boat!

8. "French is the language that turns dirt into romance." -- Stephen King

9. AU: The William McKinley School of Higher Magical Learning

10. Word Association: summer, wine, Important Haircuts


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