Jun. 17th, 2012

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Happy Sunday! :D

Over on livejournal, they're having an anonymous love meme, which is a lot of fun and is giving a lot of people happy/proud/flattered feels. I was thinking we could do something similar here! You can post anonymously to give love to someone on this community, or you can post not-anonymously to start your own thread where people can give you love. The only rule is that negativity is not allowed, which is generally the rule here anyway, so, WIN!

Also feel free to post gifs, fanarts, etc, or suggest a game to play. Have fun! :D

Edit: I just realized anonymous comments were turned off, LOL. Other mods, I hope this is ok. I have turned anonymous commenting back on, and I will turn it off again after a day. Maybe a day and a half. ♥

Edit again: Ok, I've turned anonymous commenting back off again. But you can still give love non-anonymously! Thank you everyone. :D


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