Jul. 21st, 2012

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BAM! Weekend. Love it. :)

So, fantastic people, what did you get up to this week? Tell us all about it!

If you need some congratulating (which you definitely deserve, all of you, for surviving and being awesome always), or you need some comfort, or you just want some loving: here is this week's special-funtimes-link. <3

Aaaaaaaaaand, for a song, have this wonderful gem:

That's right, Cookie Monster does Call Me Maybe. :D

And while we're on the subject of the best song ever, for those who have not seen a certain fanvid circulating of late:

Do I even have to say it? KLAINE ME MAYBE. (If they do not have Darren Criss, or anyone for that matter, singing this next season, I will complain...)

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I enjoy Kurt and Sebastian as kittens. Heeeeee. :D

Happy Sunday! Post your favorite fun things from the week! (Chris Colfer's book promoting appearances? Darren Criss' epic beardiness? Dominic Barnes' birthday party?)

Let's play a betting game. Suggest something that could happen in 4x01, and people can chime in with whether they think that'll happen. Let's start with this one: Tina will have a main plotline in which she takes over as the New Rachel of New Directions. Yay or nay?


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Rec Thread (COMING SOON)

Spoiler and Spec Thread (COMING SOON)

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