Aug. 25th, 2012

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I'm so sorry I forgot to make the Sunday post last week! D: I promise I have a very good excuse though. I was on a date! Eeeeee! :D :D Ok, it wasn't quite a date. I was invited to a bar by my crush, and then we went for coffee on Wednesday, and THEN we decided we were dating. Still. Saturday night = drunk, Sunday morning = hungover. I am letting myself off the hook, LOL.

What's the funnest thing that's been going on for you recently? What's the funnest thing you've seen in fandom? Personally I'm partial to the pictures of Darren Criss backstage at AVPSY:

And I just started listening to The Land of Stories audiobook! I'm really enjoying the voices in different pitches and accents. :D Ok, so neither of these things is technically Glee, so please feel free to spam the comments with all your Glee stuff! (Erm, I imagine this post could get spoilery, so I'm warning for that, just in case?)

Recaps of old episodes, flailing about characters' cuteness/hotness/awesomeness, gifs, vids, manips... It all goes here!

Don't forget about the supernatural AU discussion, color theory meta, and speculation about future episodes!

Have fun!


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Rec Thread (COMING SOON)

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