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Filled prompts - Round up!

I have compiled together all the prompts that have been filled so far! Now you can go back and check them out, and leave comments if you like them!

I will continue updating this list periodically. I'll comment when I update, so you'll get notifications if you track this post. :)

Please let me know if I've made any mistakes or broken links.


March 2012
Kurt - Self-Fulfilling Prophecy by [personal profile] jakia
Kurt - Karaoke by [personal profile] likeasouffle
Blaine - One of the Boys (Blue and Purple) by [personal profile] likeasouffle
Santana/Brittany - One of the girls. Yellow and red. (Manip) by [personal profile] likeasouffle

April 2012
Brittany has made out with everyone in school. This includes Jacob Ben Israel. by [personal profile] mzminola
Blaine + Sugar - Learn to Sing by [personal profile] jakia
Mike Chang/Rachel Berry - in a dream by [personal profile] jakia
Blaine finds ontd_glee. by [personal profile] four_tens
Finn, Puck - Word association: aluminum, honey, pale by [personal profile] likeasouffle

May 2012
Rachel - mosquito, wine, lipstick - by [personal profile] likeasouffle
Finn, Kurt, Sam, Blaine, Rachel, Mercedes - How are things going with Sam still living at Finn and Kurt's? by [personal profile] jakia
AU: ND are a late 19th century travelling circus troupe (or, you know, any travelling circus troupe) by [identity profile]
Warblers & Sebastian - Seducing Blaine by [personal profile] likeasouffle
Brittany/Santana - Word association: moonlight, bare feet, fireflies. by [personal profile] narceus
Kurt - Word association: moonlight, bare feet, fireflies by [personal profile] rainbowrites
The older Kurt gets, the more he looks like his dad. (Manip) by [personal profile] likeasouffle
Sebastian/OMC, Kurt/Blaine - French is the language that turns dirt into romance. by [personal profile] likeasouffle
Cooper, Rachel, Blaine, Kurt - This Is A Bad Idea by [personal profile] likeasouffle
Sam, Rory - What happened to four and six? by [personal profile] likeasouffle

June 2012
The older Kurt gets, the more he looks like his dad. Fill #2 (morphthing) by [personal profile] likeasouffle