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Summer Thread: Speculation, Spoilers, Hopes and Dreams

As was mentioned a week or so ago, there are Exciting Things happening this hiatus! Now, obviously, some of those are taking a little longer than we thought, but we now have our speculation thread! That's right, we're going to fight the evils of The Summer Of Lies by devoting a whole comm post to what people say in it. 


This is where you can post and discuss (with warnings in your comment headers, of course) :
  • spoilers you've seen
  • interviews about S4
  • speculation
  • wishlists
  • who you think will make it in from The Glee Project
  • bets for certain things happening
  • hopes and expectations
  • black holes and revelations
  • all that jazz!
There will be comment threads for various topics, as well as, for now, a thread for the week we're in so any miscellaneous posts have somewhere to go.

As always, have fun and be safe/nice!

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misqueue: Blaine smiling at Kurt on stage after apologizing in 3x05 "The First Time" (glee - kurt/blaine - shared smile)


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Blaine's arm around the empty chair is heartbreaking. I fully expect Blaine to continue breaking my heart this season. I really love the song he's singing in the promo (video link in my comment down thread & here are the lyrics), but I'm not sure how much or what to even try to read into them. The lines that gives me most pause are these: "I don't ever want to let you down /
I don't ever want to leave this town"
. I may be jumping the gun to read it as foreshadowing trouble between Kurt & Blaine over their future plans. I can't imagine Blaine wanting to stay. But... given some of the stuff around episode 4x04, I'm wondering!
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Re: SPOILERS: Season 4 promo

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Brittany continues to be confused by haircuts. In "Laryngitis", she didn't recognize Puck without his 'hawk. In "Prom-asaurus", she mistook a brunette for Rachel, Broccoli-Head Blaine for a new kid and Joe for a girl. Now, she thinks Unique is actually Mercedes with a shaved head.

Brittany pushes Blaine and Tina aside to claim center stage. Perhaps they've decided to be the new leads and Britt is having none of that.

SPEAKING OF UNIQUE: She is dressed in traditionally masculine clothes. Why are you transferring to McKinley, Unique?! This is a terrible plan!!!

letters-from-titan pointed out that Tina is dressed like a little girl, to which I counter that *someone* has to dress like a normal person. :P

In the absence of both Rachel and her clone Harmony, it looks like new girl Marley is getting slushied.

KURT AND SUE AND ROBIN, OMG. Kurt now has associations with birth as well as death (although arguably he's had that ever since being "reborn" in "Original Song" and "Born This Way").

It looks like "Time" at least will be McKinley-centric. Based on some of the comments made by cast and crew in recent weeks, it appears that focus will often switch between NYC and Lima, and Lea is the only cast member guaranteed to be in every single episode.

I have to look up the song Blaine's singing.
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Re: SPOILERS: Season 4 promo

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Here's the video for the song Blaine's singing: "It's Time" by Imagine Dragons.

Kurt & Sue & Robin! Yeah, it's definitely not just death. Kurt continues to preside over human rituals: weddings, funerals, coronations, death & injury & healing, and birth & rebirth. I wonder if they'll tie Brittany in to the baby plot too.

I am so excited for season 4.