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So you've found your way over to [community profile] openingyourselfuptojoy , I see.  That's great!  We're thrilled to have you.  Welcome to our communal madness!

Of course, that's the thing about communities: they only work because of their members.  So go ahead, guys, and introduce yourselves here.  Meet some of the people you'll be tossing squee and ideas around with.  Let us know who you are.
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[personal profile] crown_of_weeds 2012-02-26 05:48 pm (UTC)(link)

I love you.

You have just eliminated the last barrier to my full-time enjoyment of DW.

OKAY, NAME YOUR PRICE. Do you want an angsty Quinn retrospective vid, or a crackvid (IDK, I've always wanted to do a Blaine vid to Paper Gansta) or?
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[personal profile] likeasouffle 2012-02-26 05:54 pm (UTC)(link)
For reals?! Oh my goodness. I feel drunk with power.

I kind of want a Sam/Blaine vid to "Sammy" (my genderswap edit of Sami) but the edit isn't good enough yet and I'll need more time to make it sound better.

Ooh ooh! I know! I want a vid of Sexy And I Know It with Blaine being all flirty and smug, and Kurt sashaying for all the wiggle wiggle parts. Bonus points if you don't use anything from the Glee performance of this song. :D
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I kinda suck at shipping vids--or shipping in general--FYI.

BUT. I CAN DO THE SEXY AND I KNOW IT. Um. Does it need to be serious? Because that might be beyond my powers. Klaine only, or?
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LOL No not serious. The only people I was thinking of were Kurt and Blaine because Blaine's sexy faces are hilarious and Kurt really does wiggle a lot, but you can include other people. :D
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Now, second question, because I am not made of time and I technically have to work today: if you had to pick which came first, would you pick Chapter 2 of Kurt Hummel Is Not A Cat, or the vid?
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Oh my gosh, that's a tough choice. I think I choose the vid. I'm really interested to know what happens in the story, but I've never had a vid made just for me before. :D
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[personal profile] crown_of_weeds 2012-03-03 06:23 am (UTC)(link)
SO, my video editing program kept crashing and I had to download a new trial and move all my files over and lost the bit of your vid I had done. Which was super unfortunate. So the fic wound up coming out first in all that madness, but your vid is NOT forgotten and will be soon! Promise.
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Aw, that sounds so frustrating! I'm sorry that happened. :(

Thank you for keeping me in the loop. I'm excited to read the next chapter! (Sooon. It's in an open tab waiting for me to get to it.)

Good luck getting your editing program working!