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AU Thursday: Supernatural

 (hey where is everybody?)

Today's AU of choice--the Supernatural!

Vampires, werewolves, zombies, and more!  What would Glee be like if its magic was a little less metaphorical?

As always, feel free to discuss other things--this is just a starting point!
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Okay! I have a small, malformed story idea that I'll probably never do anything with because I get a bit squeamish with horror, but, I had thought about writing a story where Kurt has actual life/death mediation powers.

It starts with him as a little boy finding a dead bird, and, through his grief for it and wishing it were alive again, he accidentally animates a zombie bird. This turns terrifying pretty quickly for little Kurt, and he has to dispose of this awful thing he created. It's traumatic.

Of course, he's afraid to tell anyone, and he's keeping this terrible secret, because he's not just queer in a conservative town, he's some kind of witch or something. He doesn't know. There are other incidents, most of them accidental, and when his mother dies, he's terrified he might accidentally animate her. He doesn't, at least not at the time, but it's something he struggles with and it haunts him. The older he gets, the more he begins to wonder if he could have done something to help his mother, and he finally decides to get serious about understanding what he may be capable of.

Aaand, that's about as far I get with the premise before my brain starts riffing on Full Metal Alchemist (an anime series about two brothers who pay a high price for trying to bring their mother back from the dead) and I start creeping myself out, because I'm not sure I could do that to Kurt. *pets him*