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Sunday Funday!


Comment with all your excitements! :D

Don't forget about the What If AU post, the Kurt meta post, and the spec and spoilers post. :D
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OMG ME TOO. Seriously, the new season is sounding wonderful so far. I am trying to restrain myself from too much spec, but I am so excited, my partner is starting to mock my excitement.

Are spoilers allowed in this post?
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spoilery for S4

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Thank you! I wasn't sure how much squee I could legitimately do without accidentally blathering something spoilery.

On a purely superficial level of squee, I am so psyched to see Kurt's evolving style. I mean, we're getting labels like Dior, Hugo Boss, and Burberry. If that boy gets much hotter, the universe is going to sprain something.

ETA: I feel super cool. It looks like the CIA redacted my spoilers. :D

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Re: spoilery for S4

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Yeah. I'm really glad they're bringing Unique in as a regular and that it looks like she's going to be more than a stage persona for Wade. I'm glad Glee's going to have a trans* character. I also wonder if we'll see more of the tadpole gays at McKinley, in terms of building more of an LGBTQ community within the school. Perhaps if Blaine wins class president?

Which also reminds me, I've seen some spec about how the show may already be positioning Blaine to be the 'New Rachel' (e.g., he appears to be among the girls talking to Artie in that one screencap; Sue is his nemesis in the the Day 13 promo poster) -- star performer for ND, so that could be really interesting in terms of exploring maybe a little more of what goes on with Blaine and gender and passing and being seen as the 'Alpha gay', when maybe he doesn't feel like it so much? Wondering if we'll get to see the flipside of Kurt's struggling with [being perceived as] not being able to pass in IAU. IDK. Unique may be an interesting catalyst for Blaine in some ways.
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Re: spoilery for S4

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Sososososo excited for everything related to Unique.,
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Come to me season 4, I compel you!

I will not be able to deal with the songs for 4x01, rkhklhawiuehiuthiualkah

I'm thinking of maybe keeping a chronicle on this comm of all the various patterns and magics assigned to each character. Thoughts?
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Among the topics included would be:

-Meanwhile, in Finn Hudson's timeline...
-Brittany's got this (and sometimes she doesn't)
-Miss Mercedes Jones summons choirs
-Kurt Hummel is a magician
-Blaine is a jukebox/medium
-Rachel Berry can sometimes talk to the dead in really failtastic ways
-Stuff similar to "Kurt was pregnant" in season 3
-Some basic patterns in who sings what songs and how that says more about their personalities than the dialogue ever can

Basically, I plan to record all the things that are already part of the magic meta and the "secret" plotlines of the show on tumblr... except organized! I'm doing this in the hopes that anyone who needs a reference for fic or supplemental meta has a handy guide on hand.
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This is a grand idea.
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I hope so!