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Achievement Sunday!

It's been a good three weeks since our last achievement post, so show off about your accomplishments! What have you done that's awesome in fandom and/or real life? Whatever you've been up to, you're great and I'm proud of you! :D

You can still flail with excitement and post fun things in the last Sunday Funday post, talk about AUs in the AU post, and talk about Kurt in the meta post.
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I'm failing at being properly sociable still (I owe comment replies here and on lj to so many people and email to so many friends and family members), I also need to do laundry and grocery shopping and behave like I'm an adult. BUT! I am getting very close to the end of my big Kurt/Blaine fic, which is also my first Glee fic, and this is, for me (given personal history and various short-comings), a very significant achievement, not only to have gotten as far as I have, but also to be close enough to the end that (short of suddenly dying or becoming incapacitated) I know I am going to finish this thing. \o/
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Congratulations! Sticking to a story long enough to get it finished can be so difficult. It's definitely an achievement to be proud of!