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Meta Wednesday: Free For All!




Bring out you're meta! Bring out your gifs! Bring your headcanon, your scripples, your drabbles!  Because our darling GLEE is back baby!

(We'll have a liveblogging party post tomorrow as well, right guys? For now, let's just celebrate surviving the hiatus! Woo-hoo!)
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Do things from promos count as spoilers? Do I have to spoiler text things that were in promos?
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I'm so excited about Unique joining New Directions! It looks like she sometimes presents as male and sometimes as female, and I'm curious to know if that's going to be a regular thing or if it's a transitional period. And it looks like she's going to be a Cheerio! I need to know mooooore...

I'm also curious about the part of that one promo where it looks like Kurt is working at the Lima Bean. This could be bad, given Sebastian's dialog about "This time next year I'll have Blaine and a nationals trophy and you'll have khakis and a Lima Bean apron and that gay face." To be fair though, Sebastian doesn't have a nationals trophy or Blaine.

OMG I made it through the hiatus!