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openingyourselfuptojoy's First Official Prompt Post!

That's right! We're being legit and doing this for real!

So this is for you guys to prompt anything and everything (it can be gen or shippy or crazy-ND-orgy... but you know whatwe'd prefer, hehe...): be it an episode-reaction prompt, a crazy AU no one else will take you up on, something you'vebeen dying to see forever, whatever strikes your fancy.

Whack it up here, discuss it, see it filled, fill it yourself! The possibilities are endless!

A few rules, first, though (besides the ones here that you all know already!):

1. Please give your prompt a subject line--makes everything a little easier. (Example: Gen Circus AU Quinn + Artie, or

1a. If you're making a fill, please indicate FILL: Story name/Prompt (part/total) IN THE SUBJECT LINE.

1b. Please indicate anything in your story that could be a trigger (with a "TW: ___" in the subject line of theprompt, or in the subject/description of your fic). Even if it's not a problem for you, it could be for someone else, sotrigger warnings are very important. We want to all be comfortable, as well as having a raucous good time!

2. Feel free to post in your own journal or wherever and give a link back in the comments if you prefer!

3. Nobody Likes An Asshole: be nice, even if you don't like someone's prompt. Remember, we're all here to be having fun. We're pretty much open to anything here at this comm, so long as things are tagged and warned for appropriately--but we draw the line at meanness or abuse of other members. 

4. Don't feel limited to stories - prompt (or fill) fic, art, manips, fanmixes, videos, poems, cross stitching, sky-writing and other media (hell, even meta, really) as well! We have some really talented people in this community, and we need to make them make more prettythings for us their talents deserve credit.

5. Be sure to check some of our old prompt posts if looking for ideas--there's still many prompts that were neverfilled
! Feel free to repost anything here if you burningly want it filled.

And on that note--begin prompting!

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Kurt/Artie canon-ish fic

[personal profile] wowbright 2012-09-14 03:18 am (UTC)(link)
I'd love to see a little fic (crack is fine) in which Kurt and Artie date. It could take place in season 1 or season 2 before Blaine, or maybe in a season 2/season 3 AU in which Kurt never met Blaine, or Blaine dated Jeremiah or someone. They don't have to be madly in love or anything. In fact, if they were just dating to piss off other people (Artie trying to piss off Tina or Brittany, Kurt trying to piss off Finn, Rachel or Blaine), that would be more than okay with me. But they should enjoy each other's company and making out. Would love it to include a how-they-get-together; fine if it includes their breakup, but I'd prefer no heavy angst.

Basically, I want to see their dynamic, and I need more fic in which Artie's bisexuality is addressed overtly.
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Re: Kurt/Artie canon-ish fic

[personal profile] likeasouffle 2012-09-14 05:30 pm (UTC)(link)
A+ prompt!
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[personal profile] likeasouffle 2012-09-17 09:23 pm (UTC)(link)
Kurt and Blaine and/or Santana and Brittany talk about whether or not to change the gendered pronouns in song lyrics to suit their real life relationships.
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[personal profile] likeasouffle 2012-09-21 10:38 pm (UTC)(link)
Joe's feelings on being repeatedly misgendered by Brittany.