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Sunday Funday!


Post any and all fun things here! Gifs, manips, drabbles, vids, jokes, tweets, interviews, games, AU snippets, etc. It doesn't have to be related to the new episode.

Keep in mind that the comments on this post can include spoilers for any episodes that have aired in the US including 4x01. Spoilers for future episodes have to be linked or behind spoiler text. Thanks!

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Hahaha, the last one. XD
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[personal profile] wowbright 2012-09-19 07:42 pm (UTC)(link)
This is hilarious. I missed it on tumblr. I'm so glad you put it here!
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random 4x01 stuff

[personal profile] misqueue 2012-09-16 05:43 am (UTC)(link)
I have managed to watch the premiere and I loved it. The first viewing made me laugh and cry and cringe and grin.

They're doing a great job with Rachel. Her scenes really recalled the feelings I had when I first left home. I wanted to see her in this place of feeling lonely and wrong and lost, not because I'm sadistic, but because Rachel is a character with a lot of heart and resilience and drive, and I love to see her rising to meet challenges. It brings out the best in her. I also really like Brody. So much. I hope he truly is as nice a guy as he seems.

Also really enjoyed Kurt's story in it. I freaked out when I first saw that he'd be working at The Lima Bean, but now I see it had to be that: it's the lobby after all (the meeting place between worlds if we consider Dalton Otherworld) so Kurt's stuck in sort of purgatory, between hell (Lima) and heaven (NY? Except it's not heaven for Rachel, IDK). And he gets a much needed push from Blaine. (Watch me mangle up various mythologies.) But, to get to Elysium, you must drink from the river Lethe (forgetfulness) and given Kurt sang "I'll Remember" in Goodbye (Glee loves the irony; remember Sam singing "Billionaire"?), combined with the cups in "It's Time" (Water symbols?), and some other quality to the emotion of the scene I can't quite put my finger on, I'm already feeling some troubles between Kurt & Blaine are being foreshadowed. Also, the Gannon Car Rental.... that's from "Lost", right? (which I've never seen, but it seems ominous, maybe?)

Burt made me cry, of course. Loved Kurt's wardrobe. Jake's speaking voice makes me melt. Rachel's at boot camp, not just Finn.

Oh! And people are saying French words to Kurt. I joke with my partner that an item on any Glee drinking game should be "Kurt says a French word and the people around him are flummoxed", but in the Lima Bean scene, Brittany says "merci" and Kitty calls him "garcon". So what is up with that? Another indication of Kurt having lost his power in Lima?
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Re: random 4x01 stuff

[personal profile] tiktok_of_oz 2012-09-16 02:21 pm (UTC)(link)
Ooh, this meta ties up a lot of threads. Nice!

Re: people speaking in French to Kurt. I can't recall every instance of Kurt speaking French (does "I'm full of ennui" even count?) but at least in "Grilled Cheesus" it's used as a reminder that Kurt is the Most Interesting Kid In All Of Ohio. He is going to the Singalong Sound of Music and that is why he is better and more cultured than Azimio.

Since Kurt isn't a Kid or In Ohio anymore, he doesn't need to speak French to prove how interesting he is. He is Kurt. He belongs in New York. Therefore, Britt and Kitty ~steal~ the French from him as part of the last push he needs to make his way to NYC.

Something else: Rachel and Finn are in boot camp. It's difficult and overwhelming, but it also affords protection. Kurt sells his Navigator, which was compared to a tank--and also apparently the mode of transport to get the New Directions to the Love Shack ;)--because he is safer in New York.
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Re: random 4x01 stuff

[personal profile] misqueue 2012-09-17 09:26 pm (UTC)(link)

Yeah, I'd definitely count "ennui". Kurt uses French loan words that other folks seem to miss. The other one that sticks in my mind is his use of "crudites" in "Theatricality". Burt refers to it as (paraphrasing) "Ethnic food, I don't know, some ethnicity not our own" and Finn declines eating "A tuna crude" (which isn't even what Kurt's made, I mean raw vegetables with a dip or sauce... come on guys, but then Lima is not a town where people eat vegetables that aren't fried. And Kurt doesn't belong in Lima.)

I am sure there are other moments like those--at least i feel like as I watch Glee it's often a source of amusement--but I'm having trouble thinking of other specific instances. Or I could be making it all up in my head! :) I had forgotten his conversation with Azimio, so that's a good one to remember (thank you).

Given these contexts, I think you're right: it's part of what had made Kurt (or shown him to be) the Most Interesting Kid in Ohio, and now he's not, in fact, he's in danger of becoming a terrible thing: A Lima Loser. (And (overreaching, I'm sure) maybe this is how we know Puck won't end up with the label? He uses the phrase tout de suite in one of his attempts to rally the football team in S2. I can't remember if it's the one where he fails and recruits Zizes or the one where he succeeds in TSSS).

Oh! It occurs to me now, there also may be some interesting contrast to be drawn between Kurt and Sebastian (w.r.t. Blaine) based on the French thing (if it's a thing) since we have Sebastian's flaunting of his sophistication to Blaine with his Courvoisier in his coffee in Paris. But Sebastian isn't interesting to Blaine, he's 'really out there'. /tangent

At any rate, in future rewatches I'll be paying extra close attention to the French.

I missed the reference to the Navigator in "Heart"! I thought Kurt must have lost it back in S1. Interesting. It is indeed a tank, and I always wondered about Burt getting it for him. It probably was a safety thing. And now it's gone to find his Great Adventure. He can't cross the (symbolic) river in his car anyway. He flies, perhaps because Blaine has returned to him some of his power?

(Looking forward to any of your insight and thoughts on magic through the episode.)

Re: random 4x01 stuff

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I loved it too! I thought the switch between New York and Lima worked really well and I'm excited for the new storylines.

Part of what I found interesting about Kitty's line "Garçon!" to summon Kurt was that it reminded me not just of Kurt's tendency to say random French words but also of his snapping his fingers at the wait staff that we heard about last series. In case anyone didn't know, "Garçon!" is *not* how you call a waiter to your table in France - it's old-fashioned and is considered very rude. It literally means "Boy!" As an insult for Kurt it belittles him while using a language that has long been almost his alone on the show, plus a lot of people in the café may well not even twig that the word she's using is rude (in that context). On a meta level it also recalls that Kurt is now in the position of the wait staff that he used to snap his fingers at.

I don't know why Brittany spoke in French as well, but I felt like the effect of the whole scene was very claustrophobic. People around using his personal foreign language, people patronising the wait staff (like he used to), being teased by the head cheerleader and being powerless to stop it, not being able to really talk to his boyfriend and friend (who only dropped in to visit him and leave after a few minutes because it's his place, not theirs), needing to be reminded of his explicit instructions for a relatively simple job that he never had any desire to do, being excited about auditions for a club he is no longer a member of... For me everything added to the sense of Kurt being trapped in this place and seriously depressed.

In happier thoughts, I loved the performance of Call me Maybe! (I should probably acknowledge here that I only vaguely know the song because it's not a song the radio station I listen to plays, so it probably helps that unlike a lot of people, I haven't been listening to the song all summer.) Loved all the bitch faces (special mention goes to Brittany's bitch face to Tina where she sort of screws up her face and Tina's bitchy smile/ laugh directed at Wade) and there's an amazing bit near the beginning where Brittany pretends to rip/ pick at a rip in Blaine's jeans on her way past and Blaine waits until she's gone all the way to the front to uncross his arms and check his jeans are actually in one piece. Actually all the Brittany/ Blaine interaction in the song is amazing - I like these two together! Wade fades a bit for me after the opening lines and I can't work out if it's because he's not performing as Unique and so isn't quite comfortable or if it's just that the other three can play off each other better because they're more familiar with each other.

I also loved how "The New Rachel" obviously meant different things to different characters so there end up being multiple replacements for the roles she filled. They all see her as The Star but they don't necessarily agree on what "being Rachel" actually means. It's like we get to see all these difference viewpoints on Rachel herself, her role within Glee the Glee club in general. After the intitial clash, Artie quietly takes over the part that I suspect he wanted anyway - he's the undisputed Captain from the moment the other four turn to him to choose who the New Rachel ought to be. He then nominates Blaine to be the lead singer/ frontman of New Directions, which is the part that the four Call Me Maybe competitors obviously saw and wanted. Mr Schue's Rachel meanwhile is a slim, pretty white girl with brown hair and a good voice. On top of all that you've got Kurt re-inventing the Glee club as somewhere where everyone was always accepted, nobody fought for solos and Rachel as the leader always made everyone feel welcome and Tina taking on an attitude that's a mix of Rachel and Mercedes at their most diva-like moments. (I did enjoy Tina's incredulous "Right from day one! You, Rachel and Mercededes always fought over solos!" in response to Kurt's rose-tinted nostaligia.)

And then you've got Rachel herself, who grabbed Glee club by the scruff of the neck in series 1 and never really let go, hanging on and driving it to Nationals and NYADA mostly through sheer force of personality, discovering once again just how bad she is with new people and new social situations. I felt like she tried to learn from her interactions with Carmen Thibidoux (don't act like you deserve her attention, prove you can work, if you have to talk then just state your determination and work ethic) and apply them to how she dealt with Cassandra July, only it backfired massively because the two teachers really don't work the same way at all. She's an idiot for blurting out she could smell alcohol on her teacher's breath but tact never has been one of Rachel's particular skills.

I think a lot of things were set up this episode and I can't wait to see where they go! How are the new characters going to settle in? What will Kurt do in New York? What's going to happen with Tina, who was clinging so hard to the idea that Rachel wanted her (even if Mr Schue never has and she's broken up with her long terms boyfriend and she's hasn't been single in a *really* long time, meaning that the closest thing she has to a good friend in Glee club at this point is probably Artie (who chose both Brittany and Blaine over Tina as a performer this episode))? Is Blaine going to be able to finally find his own place in Glee/ at McKinley now Kurt isn't there (and what will it be)? Just how much power can Artie usurp from Mr Schue now he's got both Finn and Rachel's leadership roles sewn up?
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Re: random 4x01 stuff

[personal profile] stultiloquentia 2012-09-16 10:59 pm (UTC)(link)
In case anyone didn't know, "Garçon!" is *not* how you call a waiter to your table in France - it's old-fashioned and is considered very rude. It literally means "Boy!" As an insult for Kurt it belittles him while using a language that has long been almost his alone on the show, plus a lot of people in the café may well not even twig that the word she's using is rude (in that context). On a meta level it also recalls that Kurt is now in the position of the wait staff that he used to snap his fingers at.

I love this commentary. At first I just read Kitty's, "Garçon!" as a distancing thing, emphasizing how wrong that context is for Kurt. He's mentally so far away from them that high school is starting to sound like a foreign language. (Remember, Glee almost never depicts the way things are. Rather, it literalizes the way things feel.)

But I love the way you tie in Kurt's relationship with class -- the fact that he's on the other side of his own pretentious finger-snapping and affectation. Now that he's on the other side, he can see it for the affectation it is, the better to cast it off. Time to cast off childish things. I can picture him snarking to himself in the corner, "Suis aucun garçon, you cultureless twit," but then, "Alors...?" If you object to being called "boy", Kurt, then it's time to man up.
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Re: random 4x01 stuff

[personal profile] misqueue 2012-09-17 10:11 pm (UTC)(link)
Ah, I really like your thoughts about "garçon" (yay, I remembered the code for the cedilla). I'd been thinking it was just the bullying and harassment of high school following him (he's stuck, he can't escape it), but you're right. It totally hits on the class stuff too and some of Kurt's affectations and, maybe, there's a little karma there as well? I pretty much ditto everything [personal profile] stultiloquentia says.

I am beyond excited for the ND interactions this season, particularly Brittany and Blaine given they'll be running against each other for class president (4x03 spoilers)

I'm kind of sad Mr. Schue is being so disappointing so soon. I keep wanting him to learn more, faster. Kurt's revisionist nostalgia is interesting. It goes with "Goodbye" as well in which he remembers his friendships with the boys differently from how that actually played out. I'm not 100% what to make of it.

I liked Rachel calling out July's alcohol breath. It may be tactless, but it also shows that Rachel, even though July is trying to beat her down, is refusing to be cowed. IDK, I really loved Rachel in this episode. I think there's a place for being blunt. Rachel speaks truth to power and advocates for herself; that's a rare an valuable ability. She does need to maybe be more aware of repercussions though, and deploy more tactics if not actual tact. Force of will won't be enough; she has to be smart, too. It's good Kurt is there for her now. Maybe he can loan her The Art of War. :D

Tina. Really hope she has a good year. I'm a bit worried for her, because you're right, she's lost her closest friends this year, not just Mike. She had certain expectations that could well turn to a lot more resentment. And, of course, McKinley is still racist.

I'm super excited about this season. It's off to a great start.

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Re: random 4x01 stuff

[personal profile] stultiloquentia 2012-09-16 06:41 pm (UTC)(link)
I thought the camera, choreography, and Kurt's gorgeous face in "It's Time" were the smartest things about the episode. Blaine up on the steps, bouncing like a boy, same place he was last year, except this time the high schoolers form a closed circle, with Kurt on the outside. I read affection in Kurt's expression as he watched, but even more overwhelmingly, nostalgia. Part of him knows, in that moment, that he has already left Blaine behind. Their worlds have always overlain like a Venn diagram, and for now the circles are pulling apart.
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Re: random 4x01 stuff

[personal profile] misqueue 2012-09-17 10:23 pm (UTC)(link)
You're absolutely right. That's it. I hadn't consciously processed the emotional pulling apart in that scene, but it's there in Blaine's happiness and Kurt's affection, nostalgia, and in their mutual acceptance. There wasn't much anxiety, really. Blaine's not still clinging (as he was in "Goodbye"). So it's like watching Kurt on the deck of the ferry taking him somewhere wonderful he's longed to go; and Blaine is on the shore, patient, happy to wait there playing with his friends (it's not his time yet), & happy for Kurt, waving good bye.

It also kinda feels like death (as journey), which may be why I have the heebyjeebies over the scene a little bit, beautiful as it is.

Circles too. Circles are interesting. Hmm. Blaine makes a circle; Blaine works the magic for Kurt.
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The music in this episode was awesome, I have had it on repeat since the ep.

I love everyone on this show okay.(except maybe Kitty, ugh) I love Marley, love Rachel, definitely love Blaine, and Kurt always Kurt. The surprise of him working at The Lima Bean threw me during the episode and made my heart break a little.
Jake is interesting and I am intrigued by that story line at the moment.
Hummelberry will always be my favorite as well. BFFs for life bitches.

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4x01 Magic Meta and other fun stuff!

[personal profile] tiktok_of_oz 2012-09-20 07:56 pm (UTC)(link)
Magic meta musings for 4x01: “The New Rachel”

Homages and references (or, Teenagers Know These Stories):
When Will interrupts his audition, Jake recreates the scene in The Hunger Games when Katniss Everdeen defies the authority of the Gamemakers. Like Katniss, Jake sarcastically says “Thank you for your consideration.” This scene casts Jake as Katniss / The Mockingjay and Will as President Snow or Alma Coin or any of the numerous corrupt authority figures who attempt to mold Katniss to suit their own ends. Jake makes it quite clear that he is not playing Will's games, just as Katniss does to her many oppressors.
While insulting the members of New Directions, Kitty refers to Marley as “Mike and Molly's daughter” and to Sam as “Richie Poor.” Mike and Molly are an overweight couple on television, making this a clear references to Marley's mother. Sam is Richie Rich, except poor. Of course, this comes on the heels of Sam establishing a bond with Marley over shared experiences with budgeted and limited wardrobes.
Kurt and Rachel's reunion is straight out of a romantic film. This continues the plot thread of Rachel (Elphaba) and Kurt (Glinda) being soul-mates.

Character-specific patterns (feel free to suggest more!):
Brittany's got this: She sometimes forgets to wear underwear; was concerned about Ms. Rose having possibly ingested a person, thereby increasing her weight (is this what happened to the once-mentioned Charity, which is why Lord Tubbington's the size of a house?); her number during “Call Me Maybe” is four; she is once again face-blind, mistaking Unique for Mercedes with a hair-cut, which is very probably related to her inability to recognize Puck for a stranger when he lost his Mohawk in “Laryngitis”
Kurt Hummel is not a cat: He lays out the club's sheet music in specific categories and snaps at Artie to move around the papers rather than over them.
Hummelberry soul-mates: Yep, just watch that dramatic run into one another's arms. Rachel can deal without Finn but she needs Kurt in New York City with her, and Kurt needs to be there.
All the adults suck: Cassandra picks on a specific student and is drunk while teaching. Will is wildly transparent in his choosing of Glee Club members: he lets Marley finish her song when Jake didn't get to, chastises the kids for getting up in arms about who gets the lead but says that Marley exhibits star quality, and only admits one student into the club when they need another three students to even be eligible for competition!
But Hummel, father of the year: With the mug to prove it.
Wade is Unique: “I'll go and take off my face.” When wearing a wig and feminine clothes, Unique speaks in the third person so that nobody forgets her real name. Unique is attracted to Jake.

You Gotta Let It Out
Sister Christian: Brody would like to remind Rachel that Finn isn't a part of her life right now, so what's her price for flight?

Call Me Maybe: Brittany and Tina miss their significant others, as is made clear in Jacob's interview with Tina and Brittany's conversation with Blaine in the Lima Bean. Wade misses Unique. Blaine would trade his soul for a kiss (see below). “All the other boys try to chase me” refers to the club's precariously-maintained and ultimately unsustainable popularity. Can also be read as all four kids flirting shamelessly with Artie. After all, the music video is about Carly Rae flirting with a guy who eventually turns out to be gay.

Americano/Dance Again: I'm guessing that Cassandra has problems being herself (she wants to dance and dancing = being yourself). She's clearly unhappy enough to warrant a large helping of alcohol to the point that Rachel can instantly smell it on her breath. I need help on this song.

Never Say Never: Jake really needs someone to give up on him, please. He doesn't communicate very effectively outside of song and has conflicting feelings about the Glee Club. He really wants to be a part of it, but then he also doesn't want to be Puck. I have more things to say about the lyrics Jake doesn't get to express, but they're spoilers for 4x02.

New York State of Mind: NYC is a reality for Rachel now. Marley needs “a little give and take” which fits with the message of “If you give, you will receive” that the New Directions established in “Ballad.” Marley “don't care if it's Chinatown or Riverside” because she wants to be a singer on the radio and thus heard by people everywhere.

It's Time: Blaine is singing for Kurt right now because Kurt is in Limbo. It's time for Kurt to begin his life, even though that's pretty scary. Kurt is just the same as he was, albeit more grown-up. There's a link between CMM's “I took no time with the fall” and IT's “So this is where you fell.”

Chasing Pavements: Marley is pursuing a radio career by joining the club with a Nationals show choir win under its belt. Like a lot of songs on Glee, I feel like this is an ode to her talent.

Death, Dreams and Magic:
Artie teleports from the stage to the audience section of the auditorium for “Call Me Maybe.”
In the past, the Lima Bean has been a a portal of sorts between Dalton and McKinley, an in-between neutral ground where characters from both schools could meet. When he's poised between childhood and adulthood and between Lima and his departure for NYC, Kurt works at this Limbo-like location.
Bad things happen when you interrupt the expression of someone's feelings.
Blaine kills Brittany (little bird analogy). To resolve this imbalance, we see Robin for the first time and Blaine sets Kurt free from Limbo.
From “It's Time”: “The path to heaven runs through miles of clouded hell.” Kurt is going to make it, but it's not going to be easy. He “fell” but he'll get back up, like he always does.