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4x02 Liveblog Post

 Hello all! How are we enjoying the fact that Glee is back? 

Hopefully we're all having fun :D

This will be our liveblogging/episode reacting post for tonight's episode. Feel free to flail about all your initial thoughts here, and tomorrow we will be back to our episode week schedule with a "So Here's What You Missed On:" meta discussion post!

For now, get giffin'! ^_^
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These were my initial thoughts:

That episode was fun! I approve.

People I enjoyed today: Kurt, Blaine, Marley, Jake, Unique, Santana, Rachel, Cassie, Brody, Puck, Lord Tubbington, Artie. Great mash ups and arrangements too! It was Britney day so I wasn’t expecting much, but then there was Aerosmith! And acoustic guitar! And sweet three part harmonies!

OMG And where is the Tina/Joe/Sam threesome fic? That’s in progress right? And I can read it tomorrow?

Also Kurt was smokin’ hot. As was Blaine. And Rachel too, now that I think about it.

I’ve been more or less listening for Unique’s pronouns, but as far as I recall no one’s talked about hir in third person yet this year. I wonder how long they’re going to keep that up.