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jakia ([personal profile] jakia) wrote in [community profile] openingyourselfuptojoy2012-09-21 09:19 am

So Here's What You Missed on--Brittney 2.0!

So here's what you missed on GLEE!

Brittany's back, bitch.  Sam Evans needs All the Friendships.  Blaine is so tired of your bullshit, Mr. Schue.  The Puckerman genes are strong in this one, and oh HEY LOOK PUCK'S BACK.

Meanwhile in New York, opinions seem to be split between whether Brody is a Respectable Guy or a Creeper.  Cassandra July  is still hot and I ship her with everyone.  Kurt and Rachel are the cutest cuties to have ever cuted.

Let's discuss any meta or questions you might have today, guys.

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