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I think we need one of these, don't you? ;)

There will be spoilers for 4x04 in the comments, obviously, but spoilers for future episodes should go behind links or spoiler text.


Re: Darren's letter to the fans

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Thank you for posting this here. I have been avoiding spoilers because I had to wait till today to watch the episode. I'm shocked, so shocked. But Darren's letter shook me out of it. I can see all of the things that happened in the episode actually happening, but it was so out of the blue.
And Blaine just reminds me about my ex-boyfriend so much. Sweet and lost and hurt. So I get it. I just, I guess I wanted it to be more on screen, to understand instead of infering.
There's a hiatus coming and I'm just happy for fandon and fic. I need stories.
This letter, thanks for sharing. And the gifs were awesome too.
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Re: Gifs from 4x04

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Amazing gifs, TY.

God, Kurt is so hot.
(deleted comment)
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Amazing tumblr post about Blaine and his actions/decisions in this episode. READ IT.
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Is this place dead? :( Why wasn't there any episode related posts this week? *sad face*
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Aw, sorry it got a bit lonely. I'm here, but weeks behind (I just saw 4.04 and... I think there are too many feelings to really talk about it yet). And wanted to say this comm is appreciated, even if it's a little quiet.