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4x07 Dynamic Duets Liveblog and Reaction Post!


(Let's see if we can't revive this thing, huh?)

Flail about the episode here!

We'll start setting up proper meta posts the day after the episode again, promise. :)

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I really enjoyed this episode! :D
The superhero stuff was so much fun, it was an awesome amount of camp that I enjoy from this show.
Ryder's story line hits close to home for me and I am so glad Glee is touching on this subject and I am very happy with how they have handled it so far, I feel more invested in Ryder now and I am just enjoying this direction.
Loved seeing The Warblers, Grant needs a haircut though, lmao. Hunter just made me laugh.
The performances and songs were fabulous in this ep, I thought! I don't think I can even pick a favorite, I loved each one for different reasons.
Sam & Blaine friendship was one the BEST things about this episode. Truly, I am so glad they are such good friends now and Sam is great at supporting Blaine in his depression/guilt time and also calling him on it and helping him get his act together. ^_^ Yay our first Blam duet! About time. :)
Finn was great for me, and although at the beginning it seemed like he was trying to be too much like Mr. Shue, he helped a lot of people in the episode including himself I think.
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I loved it as well. Glee is really at its best when they do things like this. All the actors looked like they were having so much fun. Blaine/Darren in a superhero costume might just be the cutest thing I have ever seen. Agreed on all the Blaine and Sam scenes; they have a lovely friendship and Sam being so direct was just what Blaine needed.

I found the scene with Ryder to be very informative. Someone on my friends list has similar issues and she was really touched by the scene. I was hoping for

Also, did you notice how the Glee club kept the laptop and put stickers all over it, declaring it was now their property? It was in the following episode.
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:D I did notice the glee club keeping the laptop and marking it as their property with large stickers. LOL I kind of loved that, it was a big f u to The Warblers. xD
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[personal profile] biting_moopie 2012-12-15 09:54 pm (UTC)(link)
OMG that gif. Any images of the club from the first three seasons make me so nostalgic. Love this cast so much.