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(by the way, hi everyone, I'm back :3 I missed you all.)

(both images taken from ksyyyy on tumblr)
((I have never seen that third image before, that's quite interesting...))

As we seem to have not had an official achievement post in a while, feel free to tell us about not only what you did this week, but anything in the past while you're really proud of having done. Share all your badassness! We love it.

Unfortunately I don't have a vid/song/anything Of The Week to offer up, but if anyone has anything inspiring or encouraging they'd like to link, feel free to do so!

Remember, also, with all the madness of spoilers and promos coming out, you can always head over to our summer spec post and have a chat about that! There's now a comment thread for the new promo, and threads can be set up for any other new information wanting to be discussed! Let's batten down the hatches and get ready for the next few weeks of excruciating spoiler!pain, guys. We'll make it together. 

Last, but not least: everyone enjoy their friday/weekends <3

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(bet you thought I forgot again, huh?  You'd be *almost* right!)

Today's AU: gender/sex-switch!*  What if the boy characters were girls, and the girls were boys?

Let's discuss that here!

*I know the proper term is cis, for example, the above is a picture of cisgirl!Kurt not genderswitched!Kurt, but a lot of people know it better as genderbender, so....That, and it cis-gendered!glee is not the same as switched genders, so...No offense meant!
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Since we discussed friendships last week, let's look at romance this week!

As always, feel free to discuss anything else--this is just a starting point!
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Today I decided we should merge the FUN post with the ACHIEVEMENT post, because we haven't gotten to show off in a while! Comment with things you're proud of from the last few weeks, fandom or otherwise, along with anything silly and fun. You're all awesome! :D

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Today's AU of choice: Switch!  Or, if you'd like, Props-verse (ish)!

What if Kurt was a popular, closeted Cheerio, and Santana was the only out gay kid at McKinley?  What if Tina was a Warbler, and Blaine had a fake stutter and wore goth clothes?  What if Mercedes was the female lead instead of Rachel?  

Basically, take any two characters and switch them!  How does the story change? What stays the same?

Have fun!
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(dur dur dur I can't believe I forgot to post AU Thursday.  Forgive me, my RL has been complicated lately.)

Today's meta topic of choice: Friendships!  Typically the non-romantic kind.

As always, any other meta is welcomed as well, this is just a starting point!
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Shoot, sorry for the lateness, guys. I have sick brain. *cough cough* That's my excuse.

Because I have sick brain, I can't think of a fun theme for today's post. I would really love to hear your ideas though. Games we can play? Speculation themes? Crazy things you saw recently on the intertubes?

Don't forget you can always post whatever fun things you want on the Funday post! As long as they're Glee related. Or Glee adjacent. Kittens that look like Glee characters? I am all over that action. Let's do it up!

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Any and all meta about our Gold Star goes here!  (And anything else you'd like to talk about, too!)
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Hi, I've been spending all my free time obsessing over Chris Colfer and his book signings and interviews and sexy photos. And I just discovered this hilarious interaction:

LOL He talked to someone who called themselves "Darren's penis." Comedy gold.

Ok, let's play a silly game. If a Glee actor had a secret identity account on Twitter/Tumblr/Livejournal/Facebook, what would their username be? What would they post? How would they react to crazy fans? How would they react to smutty fanfic? What if they kind of enjoyed a fic but it had a glaring inaccuracy in it?

Also, same questions for if you were famous and got a secret identity account.

As usual, feel free to post fun pictures/videos/gifs/manips etc. :D
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(most excellent manips come from this tumblr: this tumblr)

(Spider-Kurt, Spider-Kurt, does whatever a Spider-Kurt does. Can he swing from a web? No he can't. He's a Kurt. Look out! He's Spider-Kurt!)

We could just do a superhero week...but why, when we probably have enough AUs to do a different set of superheroes each week?

So let's dedicate this week to Spiderman! Give us your headcanons, your fanfics/fanart/manips, and even just your random thoughts on the subject!

(Does not have to be Spider!Kurt.  I just like these manips.  Feel free to make Finn Spiderman.  Or Tina.  Or Brad the Piano Player.  These are just to give you some ~inspiration!)
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Old folklore says that to name something is to give it power.  

Let's talk to day about the importance of names, nicknames, and even titles in the Gleeverse, and see what we find!

As always, feel free to discuss anything else your heart desires--this is just a starting point.
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I enjoy Kurt and Sebastian as kittens. Heeeeee. :D

Happy Sunday! Post your favorite fun things from the week! (Chris Colfer's book promoting appearances? Darren Criss' epic beardiness? Dominic Barnes' birthday party?)

Let's play a betting game. Suggest something that could happen in 4x01, and people can chime in with whether they think that'll happen. Let's start with this one: Tina will have a main plotline in which she takes over as the New Rachel of New Directions. Yay or nay?
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BAM! Weekend. Love it. :)

So, fantastic people, what did you get up to this week? Tell us all about it!

If you need some congratulating (which you definitely deserve, all of you, for surviving and being awesome always), or you need some comfort, or you just want some loving: here is this week's special-funtimes-link. <3

Aaaaaaaaaand, for a song, have this wonderful gem:

That's right, Cookie Monster does Call Me Maybe. :D

And while we're on the subject of the best song ever, for those who have not seen a certain fanvid circulating of late:

Do I even have to say it? KLAINE ME MAYBE. (If they do not have Darren Criss, or anyone for that matter, singing this next season, I will complain...)

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(or, a basic Tuesday in the life of Kurt Hummel)

Today's topic of choice: Angst! What if Glee were a tragedy instead of a comedy? Basically, any and all topics that make Glee a sadder story than it already is are welcome here!

To get the juices flowing, here are some examples:

What if Kurt and Rachel both didn't get into NYADA?
What if Burt wasn't the supportive superdad he is in canon, and was homophobic instead?
What if Quinn was permanently wheelchair-bound?
What if Sam was still homeless?
What if Karofsky succeeded in his suicide attempt?

If you think of any more that you'd like to discuss, bring them on in the thread below!

Also, if you feel the need for more angst, the Glee Angst Meme always has prompts that need filled, and more prompts that need to be made!

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Inspired from an interview at ComicCon, today let's talk about Glee and family, and the relationships that makes.

As always, feel free to discuss anything else you might like--this is just a starting point!
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Let's do one of those question answering things! I got these questions from gleekto on tumblr.

1. Name a glee character and tell me your favourite song they sung in each season.
2. Glee song you wish had been sung by another person/couple and in what context.
3. Name a character/couple and tell me a song you’d like to hear them sing in s4.
4. Name an episode and tell me your fave song from it.

Also post any fun gifs, vids, drabbles, manips, etc. :D

Don't forget about the Summer Hiatus Shenanigans masterpost! I wasn't tracking it, so I missed a comment on it for a week, so I recommend everyone goes and tracks it so you can see when there's stuff. :D
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Heeeeeeeeeeeey, what's shakin' Glee people!

Congratulations on braving and WINNING yet another week--a week I assume was filled with awesome and courage!

As a reward for said awesomeness and courage--or a cheer up and comfort if this week has been less-than-fantastic for you, I have THIS for a special-funtimes-link this week. Just, just click on it. I guarantee you will not regret it (except possibly the procrastination that may occur as a result...).

Also, I nominate the following for this week's Feel Good Song, because it has made me feel awesome where I otherwise might not have all week. I hope it does the same for you:

--The City | Patrick Wolf

(I will let it speak for itself for now, but basically I want to talk about it forever and ever if anyone wants to listen.)

And with that, happy Friday/Friday night/Saturday, everyone! Love you all! YOU MATTER
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(these images--and more!-- are courtesy of Lima Designs.)

Today's AU of choice: Fame!

Today, let's chat about the (future?) AU where all of the New Direction's are famous, for one reason or another.

Here's some music to inspire you! (Who else wants Glee to cover this song eventually?  No? Just me? Okay then...)

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(sorry I sort of went .gif crazy there for a bit)

Today's meta Wednesday is dedicated to: Santana Lopez!

You can talk about anything else you'd like, too, but let's start things off with Santana!
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Remember that time Kurt and Rachel went to Emma and said they had an announcement, and she said she's not surprised, she thinks this is the only dating combination the Glee club hasn't tried? Well, she's wrong, there are other combinations they haven't tried. I want to hear head canons for couples that have never been together on the show and how their relationships would go. :D

As usual, feel free to post gifs, vids, arts, and other fun things. :D

Edit: I've started a few pairing threads, but they're just whatever pops into my head. Don't feel limited by them or anything! Feel free to start more threads. :)


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