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This post can serve as a final speculation post, final chance to get your predictions and wishes and hopes and dreams in, and, of course, a RAGING GIF PARTY in the lead up to the Big Event. 

Things that will happen on the episode day (it's today for you guys, still tomorrow for me): there will be this post for y'all to go crazy (and tag/spoiler your spoilers, still!), up until a little bit before the episode. Then there will be a liveblogging post for your enjoyment during the episode, and after that, if all goes well, an episode reaction post for you to flail and share gifs and Feeeeels until the next day, when we'll do meta posts and discussion and such. 




The comm will, once again, be going through some changes as we become accustomed to a new Glee night and a new schedule, but we'll be working very hard to keep everything a smooth and regular as possible.

Things that will happen:
  • Days for things may change around a little. You will all be kept updated on this.
  • We will be asking for more AU ideas!
  • Official prompt/rec/spoiler posts are being set up to be used throughout the season, and will be linked in the sticky (when I can work our how) and made conspicuous as possible for convenient use! We'll be like all those fancy comms with crazy prompt threads and stuff! Yay!
  • There may also be a "promote my own shit!" official post set up: what would you guys think about that?
  • Promoting will happen! WOOOOO MORE PEOPLE. 
And, of course, if anyone has questions or suggestions or complaints or elephants to give for any of the above, there is a thread below, we welcome any and all of these things! Mostly elephants, though, what we really want is all your elephants. (It's not for an evil plot at all.) (It's really quite late here. Shhhhhh.)


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There is now a link to the hiatus shenanigans masterpost summary-thing in the sidebar of the comm.

Hope that works almost as well as a sticky for now.

Remember you can use those posts wheneverthehell you want!

Thanks for all your patience, dear sweet comm. <3
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Good morning, pretty comm people. Hope your Mondays and new weeks are up to scratch so far.

Just a reminder to hit up the new hiatus recs post in our Summer Funtimes series! There should be more hiatus posts this week, so stay tuned.

Also a reminder to have a gander 'round the other amazing posts we've had this week--skank!Kurt and Mike meta and comm love, oh my!

This Monday, too, we'd like to hear from you guys--do you have any feedback on recent changes? Any tips or areas you think could be improved? Any burning ideas you think would make this fantastic comm (See what I did there?) Hit us up here.

Thank you to everyone in this comm who has been supportive and responsive and generally lovely all this time. You guys deserve some entirely non-anonymous (nonymous...?) love from us mods. <3

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Hello, o beauteous comm! I hope you are all happy and well, and enjoying your summer! (Or your mood swing-y winter, if you are from Down Under...) Prepare for a long and expository post of much length and exposition below.

Let's play "Spot All The Things!" with this gif...

These are dark times for our fandom. And there will be more dark times ahead...

That may sound like an overly-dramatic ploy for attention, but it's not far from the truth. People are leaving left right and centre, and there's more hate going around now than there was during the more tense points during this last season. It's only going to get worse as we descend into that dark, crack-y chasm known as Hiatus. And indeed, a lot of people were unhappy with the clinffhanger conclusion of season 3: many things were left unsaid, questions left unanswered, relationships left in the lurch.

Ladies, gentlemen, and all otherwise identified, here at openinyourselfuptojoy we don't call this a fandom curse, or brandish our gifs of David Tennant shaking his fist in anger--we call that a hiatus blessing. Because there are so very many paths on which the show could be led in the future, and so many options for us to explore.

Which is why, until Glee graces our screens again in the Fall/Spring, we plan (with your help!) to do them all. Yes, that's right, do all the things. Thus introducing:

Official Summer Happy Funtimes!

(The title is open to reconsideration...)
Basically, the idea is to use our rec, meta/discussion, speculation and prompt posts to work our way through as many of the future possibilities we've been left with by RIB+ as we can--like Kurt joining S.H.I.E.L.D., or Burt Hummel adopting everyone--as well as using our time to look back at the season as a whole--from what was really going on with Blaine, to just what exactly is Glee trying to say about Gender?

This means a couple of things!

Summer Threads:
  1. There will now be a Summer Rec Thread, in which everyone can share their favourite fics, vids, playlists, fanarts, meta and what-have-you that concerns anything happening throughout the summer, gaps left by the finale, reactions, and hopes for the future--the possibilities are basically endless.
  2. There will also be a similar Summer Prompt Thread for the same purposes.
  3. As well as a discussion and speculation post where we can talk about our hopes and dreams for the characters, and share our season 4 wishlists!
These will all be ongoing, and will be linked in the sticky at the top of the page. If all goes well we hope to continue this structure into the new season! (Note that I am trying to work out how to edit the sticky as we speak...)

  1. Prompt Thursdays will now be AU Thursday. Basically, a poster will hand out a pre-set AU at the beginning of the day, and everyone can then posts drabbles/icons/headcanons/playlists/fanart that are set in that specific AU-verse, and we all encourage each other and have fun with it and roll around in our ridiculous creations. The AU for each week will be chosen from a list of suggestions we get from you guys!
  2. Wednesday Meta will still be mostly as usual, but we plan to have theme days, or a Character/Theme of the Week--which doesn't mean you can only discuss that topic, but that there will be a separate post in which to specifically look at that topic and iron out all its kinks together! It's an inspiration, not a rule ^_^

For the most part, the general schedule will remain unchanged (and there will still be opportunities to rec/prompt your non-hiatus-related shenaningans).

In terms of housekeeping, there may be more posts to follow this one about the ongoing rec/prompt threads and any one-off summer happenings. If anything happens, of course, we will be sure to update you all. I invite you to comment in this post if you have any ideas for how we can make this comm more spectacular over the break and in the future, and to offer your general thoughts.

And, while we're at it, let's have a proper round of applause for [personal profile] likeasouffle for making our comm incredibly pretty with some very impressive banner, colour, and HTML skills!
rangerdangerkatie:This better be the new prayer circle gif.
Claps for likeasouffle!

For now, though, let the Super Happy Funtimes begin!


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