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Time to bring out the biggest of the AUs, what fanfiction was made for: the What If AU.

What if Artie could walk? What if Kurt was straight? What if Sue was the glee coach instead of Schuester?

Bring any and all what if questions you might have, and we'll discuss them here!
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 (hey where is everybody?)

Today's AU of choice--the Supernatural!

Vampires, werewolves, zombies, and more!  What would Glee be like if its magic was a little less metaphorical?

As always, feel free to discuss other things--this is just a starting point!
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(bet you thought I forgot again, huh?  You'd be *almost* right!)

Today's AU: gender/sex-switch!*  What if the boy characters were girls, and the girls were boys?

Let's discuss that here!

*I know the proper term is cis, for example, the above is a picture of cisgirl!Kurt not genderswitched!Kurt, but a lot of people know it better as genderbender, so....That, and it cis-gendered!glee is not the same as switched genders, so...No offense meant!
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Today's AU of choice: Switch!  Or, if you'd like, Props-verse (ish)!

What if Kurt was a popular, closeted Cheerio, and Santana was the only out gay kid at McKinley?  What if Tina was a Warbler, and Blaine had a fake stutter and wore goth clothes?  What if Mercedes was the female lead instead of Rachel?  

Basically, take any two characters and switch them!  How does the story change? What stays the same?

Have fun!
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(most excellent manips come from this tumblr: this tumblr)

(Spider-Kurt, Spider-Kurt, does whatever a Spider-Kurt does. Can he swing from a web? No he can't. He's a Kurt. Look out! He's Spider-Kurt!)

We could just do a superhero week...but why, when we probably have enough AUs to do a different set of superheroes each week?

So let's dedicate this week to Spiderman! Give us your headcanons, your fanfics/fanart/manips, and even just your random thoughts on the subject!

(Does not have to be Spider!Kurt.  I just like these manips.  Feel free to make Finn Spiderman.  Or Tina.  Or Brad the Piano Player.  These are just to give you some ~inspiration!)
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(or, a basic Tuesday in the life of Kurt Hummel)

Today's topic of choice: Angst! What if Glee were a tragedy instead of a comedy? Basically, any and all topics that make Glee a sadder story than it already is are welcome here!

To get the juices flowing, here are some examples:

What if Kurt and Rachel both didn't get into NYADA?
What if Burt wasn't the supportive superdad he is in canon, and was homophobic instead?
What if Quinn was permanently wheelchair-bound?
What if Sam was still homeless?
What if Karofsky succeeded in his suicide attempt?

If you think of any more that you'd like to discuss, bring them on in the thread below!

Also, if you feel the need for more angst, the Glee Angst Meme always has prompts that need filled, and more prompts that need to be made!

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(these images--and more!-- are courtesy of Lima Designs.)

Today's AU of choice: Fame!

Today, let's chat about the (future?) AU where all of the New Direction's are famous, for one reason or another.

Here's some music to inspire you! (Who else wants Glee to cover this song eventually?  No? Just me? Okay then...)

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(whoops forgot it was Thursday there for a bit)

Anyway, today's AU is--the 1950s! Anything featuring Glee in that decade is good for today!


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This prompt is really vague so you can do a lot with it.  But basically? Let's see ND's bad side.  Whether that's Dr. Horrible!Kurt (can Sebastian be Captain Hammer?) or the stereotypical bad boy!Blaine, or skank!Quinn, or even Noah Puckerman pre-season one.  Anything that includes normally "good" characters doing something "bad" works for me!
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(this is a screencap from Darren Criss's 3DS copy of the Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Tima.  As you might've noticed, he named the main character Blaine, which is sweet and adorable and makes me go slkdfjlaskjfdklsjf all over the place, and is the inspiration for both yesterday and today's post.)

So for today's AU of Choice, let's go with Video Games/Swordplay/Heroism.  I would just say ZELDA CROSSOVERS but I'm not sure how much of the Glee fandom knows about Zelda, so we'll make it a little broader. ;)  Post any drabbles/headcanons/fanarts/fic recs here!

As always, suggestions for future weeks are always welcomed!
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Skank!Kurt! Basically Kurt with pink hair and piercings and questionable tattoos and cigarettes and leather and a bad attitude.

Post your drabbles/icons/headcanons/playlists/fanart related to the AU, and have fun! You can also post recs of things you've already seen in this AU, and prompts for things you'd like to see.

Please also post your ideas for AU ideas for future AU Thursdays!


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