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We didn't have a meta post this week, so comment with whatever you want in this post, including meta, AUs, fic prompts, drabbles, art, gifs, manips, vids, etc etc. Have fun!

The comments may include spoilers for any episodes that have aired in the US up to and including 4x03. Any spoilers for future episodes should be behind links or spoiler text.

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Post any and all fun things here! Gifs, manips, drabbles, vids, jokes, tweets, interviews, games, AU snippets, etc. It doesn't have to be related to the new episode.

Keep in mind that the comments on this post can include spoilers for any episodes that have aired in the US including 4x01. Spoilers for future episodes have to be linked or behind spoiler text. Thanks!

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Comment with all your excitements! :D

Don't forget about the What If AU post, the Kurt meta post, and the spec and spoilers post. :D
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I'm so sorry I forgot to make the Sunday post last week! D: I promise I have a very good excuse though. I was on a date! Eeeeee! :D :D Ok, it wasn't quite a date. I was invited to a bar by my crush, and then we went for coffee on Wednesday, and THEN we decided we were dating. Still. Saturday night = drunk, Sunday morning = hungover. I am letting myself off the hook, LOL.

What's the funnest thing that's been going on for you recently? What's the funnest thing you've seen in fandom? Personally I'm partial to the pictures of Darren Criss backstage at AVPSY:

And I just started listening to The Land of Stories audiobook! I'm really enjoying the voices in different pitches and accents. :D Ok, so neither of these things is technically Glee, so please feel free to spam the comments with all your Glee stuff! (Erm, I imagine this post could get spoilery, so I'm warning for that, just in case?)

Recaps of old episodes, flailing about characters' cuteness/hotness/awesomeness, gifs, vids, manips... It all goes here!

Don't forget about the supernatural AU discussion, color theory meta, and speculation about future episodes!

Have fun!

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Today I decided we should merge the FUN post with the ACHIEVEMENT post, because we haven't gotten to show off in a while! Comment with things you're proud of from the last few weeks, fandom or otherwise, along with anything silly and fun. You're all awesome! :D

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Shoot, sorry for the lateness, guys. I have sick brain. *cough cough* That's my excuse.

Because I have sick brain, I can't think of a fun theme for today's post. I would really love to hear your ideas though. Games we can play? Speculation themes? Crazy things you saw recently on the intertubes?

Don't forget you can always post whatever fun things you want on the Funday post! As long as they're Glee related. Or Glee adjacent. Kittens that look like Glee characters? I am all over that action. Let's do it up!

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Hi, I've been spending all my free time obsessing over Chris Colfer and his book signings and interviews and sexy photos. And I just discovered this hilarious interaction:

LOL He talked to someone who called themselves "Darren's penis." Comedy gold.

Ok, let's play a silly game. If a Glee actor had a secret identity account on Twitter/Tumblr/Livejournal/Facebook, what would their username be? What would they post? How would they react to crazy fans? How would they react to smutty fanfic? What if they kind of enjoyed a fic but it had a glaring inaccuracy in it?

Also, same questions for if you were famous and got a secret identity account.

As usual, feel free to post fun pictures/videos/gifs/manips etc. :D
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I enjoy Kurt and Sebastian as kittens. Heeeeee. :D

Happy Sunday! Post your favorite fun things from the week! (Chris Colfer's book promoting appearances? Darren Criss' epic beardiness? Dominic Barnes' birthday party?)

Let's play a betting game. Suggest something that could happen in 4x01, and people can chime in with whether they think that'll happen. Let's start with this one: Tina will have a main plotline in which she takes over as the New Rachel of New Directions. Yay or nay?
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Let's do one of those question answering things! I got these questions from gleekto on tumblr.

1. Name a glee character and tell me your favourite song they sung in each season.
2. Glee song you wish had been sung by another person/couple and in what context.
3. Name a character/couple and tell me a song you’d like to hear them sing in s4.
4. Name an episode and tell me your fave song from it.

Also post any fun gifs, vids, drabbles, manips, etc. :D

Don't forget about the Summer Hiatus Shenanigans masterpost! I wasn't tracking it, so I missed a comment on it for a week, so I recommend everyone goes and tracks it so you can see when there's stuff. :D
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Remember that time Kurt and Rachel went to Emma and said they had an announcement, and she said she's not surprised, she thinks this is the only dating combination the Glee club hasn't tried? Well, she's wrong, there are other combinations they haven't tried. I want to hear head canons for couples that have never been together on the show and how their relationships would go. :D

As usual, feel free to post gifs, vids, arts, and other fun things. :D

Edit: I've started a few pairing threads, but they're just whatever pops into my head. Don't feel limited by them or anything! Feel free to start more threads. :)
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Guess what! There is an excerpt you can listen to from the audio version of Chris Colfer's book The Land of Stories!

(I heard a rumour that he did different voices for all the characters, with different accents and in different octaves and everything. I am excited.)

ANYWAY. I want to brainstorm with you about what the Glee actors and/or characters could do with their unique talents other than what we've already seen them do. Could Rachel become a reporter? Could Kevin McHale start a fashion line? Could Brittany write commercial jingles? Could Chord Overstreet voice cartoons? Tell us your headcanons!

Also post anything you like that's fun, including gifs, manips, meta, and suggestions for games we can play on future Sundays. And don't forget to rec awesome vids on the Saturday post!
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 (hey look I remembered I was supposed to make this post! Woo-hoo!)

Anyway, today is the day for fun and non-sense!  Post anything you'd like today, be they fics, recs, gifs, prompts, headcanons, whatever!  The object of today is to have fun!

Let's party, people!

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Happy Sunday! :D

Over on livejournal, they're having an anonymous love meme, which is a lot of fun and is giving a lot of people happy/proud/flattered feels. I was thinking we could do something similar here! You can post anonymously to give love to someone on this community, or you can post not-anonymously to start your own thread where people can give you love. The only rule is that negativity is not allowed, which is generally the rule here anyway, so, WIN!

Also feel free to post gifs, fanarts, etc, or suggest a game to play. Have fun! :D

Edit: I just realized anonymous comments were turned off, LOL. Other mods, I hope this is ok. I have turned anonymous commenting back on, and I will turn it off again after a day. Maybe a day and a half. ♥

Edit again: Ok, I've turned anonymous commenting back off again. But you can still give love non-anonymously! Thank you everyone. :D
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Post whatever you want, as long as it's fun! Manips, gifs, vids, AUs, looped audio of Kevin McHale's laugh...

I would also really love to see your headcanons for crossover ships, friendships, and enemies. For example, if we crossedover Glee with Community, I would want to get Puck and Troy together as BFFs. Or if it was AvengersxGlee, Burt and Coulson could be hilarious enemies. Or in a Game of Thrones crossover, I'd ship Loras/Renly/Blaine. LOL.

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It's Sunday!

Today is the day to post whatever you want, especially if it's silly and fun, like gifs, comics, videos, stories, meta, etc.

You can also keep going in the prompt post, the meta post, and the rec post.

Let's play Finish the Sentence! Someone starts a sentence, and the next person finishes it and starts a new sentence. I'll start!

Every time Kurt looked out the window in the choir room,
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I'm so sorry I forgot to post this last night! Out of town for a family emergency and forgot to tell anyone!

Anything goes today: Recs, RP planning, funny gifs, etc. Have fun!

Let's play a game. :) I really loved the spoil a wish game we played once. Respond to the previous person's wish by saying how you would grant it but ruin it at the same time, LOL, and then make a wish of your own!

I'll start! I wish for Jesse St James to finally get into NYADA and attend next year.
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Post anything you want! Funny gifs, emotional vids, sexy stories, intriguing meta, or ridiculous interviews. Don't forget you can also:

Show off about what you've accomplished this week
Post new prompts or fill some that are already there (Like Santana, Kurt, and Sebastian having a gay off, or the glee club trying to find a food everyone will eat)
Discuss Props and Nationals
Recommend piano related stories, vids, and art

Also, I have a suggestion for a game we can play! It's a favorites game:

• Song or Song?
• Character or Character?
• Episode or Episode?
• Season or Season?
• Glee Club or Glee Club?
• Ship or Ship?

Answer the latest question (ex Teenage Dream or Don't Stop Believing?) giving only positive reasons why (ex The a cappella arrangement of Teenage Dream CHANGED MY LIFE) but no negative reasons (ex The red shirts in Don't Stop Believing are stupid) and then ask a new question.

I'll start us off with a choice of questions. Pick whichever one you want!:

Burt Hummel or Shannon Beiste
Finn/Puck or Tina/Kurt
It's Not Right But It's Okay or Smooth Criminal

Aaaaand go!

PS I almost forgot! If you have a great idea for a Glee AU you want to discuss or a crossover that needs input, this is the place!
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(gifset from brittanaisonbitches12 on tumblr)

Share anything and everything Glee related and try to forget about the fact that we have about ten days left of this season.
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It is Sunday! Day of party and fun!

We want to do something a little different today, though, so here's the thing:

This comm has been around and open for just about two months now, and I for one would like to call it a definite success. It's pretty good. It could be even better, though, and that's where you guys come in.

We-your-mods are not infallible geniuses (just the regular genius kind ;) ), so we want some feedback. Things we'd love:
  • Ideas for different day-of-the-week themes
  • Ideas for structures or prompts you'd like to see during a particular day-of-the-week theme (for instance, having a comment thread game on Sundays)
  • Things that are just not working for you
  • Things that are really, really working for you
  • Your opinion on the liveblogging and response structure for new episodes
  • Anything else you have feelings about.

Also, it's becoming increasingly obvious that a few of your mods all have some rather complicated RL stuff going on all at the same time.  We're still invested, but we don't necessarily have the time or the capacity to run things (daily posts, coming up with new ideas, finding ways to inspire and promote conversation) alone.  We're giving some serious consideration to recruiting another mod to help share the job around.  If you've got any interest in that, either leave a comment down below, or toss me or [personal profile] needs_more_green  a pm.

Because it's Sunday, this doesn't need to be all work!  Let's have some fun and games in the comments.  I vote we play gif/graphic party: every one you post must be a response to the one above.  Here, let's start with this one:


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 I really should be putting up some kind of prank here, but it's already April 2 in half the world, and honestly, I didn't think of it until just now.  (Although now you'll have to wonder if everything I say today is true or not, >:D.)

Okay!  Since last week's game was so very much fun, let's play another one.  And in honor of April Fool's Day, I am going to declare today's game Two Truths And A Lie.

Each person gives three facts: two of them true, one of them not.  Traditionally these are facts about yourself, but if you can find a way to extend them into being facts about Glee, A+ for effort.  The first person who correctly susses out which fact is the lie, goes ahead and posts their own three facts.

This can be an awesome way to learn about each other (I play it on the first day with my students if I've got less than twenty people in a class), and it seems true to the April 1 spirit of confusing the heck out of everybody.  So!  I'll go first.

1.  I first discovered this game while stalking a Livejournal RP I wasn't actually playing.

2.  I've written fic in at least two fandoms that have never/will never be associated with this LJ handle

3.  My very first fandom was Buffy the Vampire Slayer, eleven years ago


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