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That's right! We're being legit and doing this for real!

So this is for you guys to prompt anything and everything (it can be gen or shippy or crazy-ND-orgy... but you know whatwe'd prefer, hehe...): be it an episode-reaction prompt, a crazy AU no one else will take you up on, something you'vebeen dying to see forever, whatever strikes your fancy.

Whack it up here, discuss it, see it filled, fill it yourself! The possibilities are endless!

A few rules, first, though (besides the ones here that you all know already!):

1. Please give your prompt a subject line--makes everything a little easier. (Example: Gen Circus AU Quinn + Artie, or

1a. If you're making a fill, please indicate FILL: Story name/Prompt (part/total) IN THE SUBJECT LINE.

1b. Please indicate anything in your story that could be a trigger (with a "TW: ___" in the subject line of theprompt, or in the subject/description of your fic). Even if it's not a problem for you, it could be for someone else, sotrigger warnings are very important. We want to all be comfortable, as well as having a raucous good time!

2. Feel free to post in your own journal or wherever and give a link back in the comments if you prefer!

3. Nobody Likes An Asshole: be nice, even if you don't like someone's prompt. Remember, we're all here to be having fun. We're pretty much open to anything here at this comm, so long as things are tagged and warned for appropriately--but we draw the line at meanness or abuse of other members. 

4. Don't feel limited to stories - prompt (or fill) fic, art, manips, fanmixes, videos, poems, cross stitching, sky-writing and other media (hell, even meta, really) as well! We have some really talented people in this community, and we need to make them make more prettythings for us their talents deserve credit.

5. Be sure to check some of our old prompt posts if looking for ideas--there's still many prompts that were neverfilled
! Feel free to repost anything here if you burningly want it filled.

And on that note--begin prompting!

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Prompts!  Oh joy!

Remember: fill a prompt, then post three prompts of your own for someone else to fill!

1. The Roaring 20's and Miss Mercedes Jones

2. The death of a pet

3. The ladies of the New Directions: spa day (also crime)

4. The gentlemen of the New Directions: beard-growing contest (someone unexpected wins)

5. Rare Pair: Sam and Tina, hair dye

6. Word association: stress, triumph, redefining

7. Quote: "Loneliness is the scariest thing out there." -- Joss Whedon

8. AU: the Sorting Hat chose wrong
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I have compiled together all the prompts that have been filled so far! Now you can go back and check them out, and leave comments if you like them!

I will continue updating this list periodically. I'll comment when I update, so you'll get notifications if you track this post. :)

Please let me know if I've made any mistakes or broken links.


March 2012
Kurt - Self-Fulfilling Prophecy by [personal profile] jakia
Kurt - Karaoke by [personal profile] likeasouffle
Blaine - One of the Boys (Blue and Purple) by [personal profile] likeasouffle
Santana/Brittany - One of the girls. Yellow and red. (Manip) by [personal profile] likeasouffle

April 2012
Brittany has made out with everyone in school. This includes Jacob Ben Israel. by [personal profile] mzminola
Blaine + Sugar - Learn to Sing by [personal profile] jakia
Mike Chang/Rachel Berry - in a dream by [personal profile] jakia
Blaine finds ontd_glee. by [personal profile] four_tens
Finn, Puck - Word association: aluminum, honey, pale by [personal profile] likeasouffle

May 2012
Rachel - mosquito, wine, lipstick - by [personal profile] likeasouffle
Finn, Kurt, Sam, Blaine, Rachel, Mercedes - How are things going with Sam still living at Finn and Kurt's? by [personal profile] jakia
AU: ND are a late 19th century travelling circus troupe (or, you know, any travelling circus troupe) by [identity profile]
Warblers & Sebastian - Seducing Blaine by [personal profile] likeasouffle
Brittany/Santana - Word association: moonlight, bare feet, fireflies. by [personal profile] narceus
Kurt - Word association: moonlight, bare feet, fireflies by [personal profile] rainbowrites
The older Kurt gets, the more he looks like his dad. (Manip) by [personal profile] likeasouffle
Sebastian/OMC, Kurt/Blaine - French is the language that turns dirt into romance. by [personal profile] likeasouffle
Cooper, Rachel, Blaine, Kurt - This Is A Bad Idea by [personal profile] likeasouffle
Sam, Rory - What happened to four and six? by [personal profile] likeasouffle

June 2012
The older Kurt gets, the more he looks like his dad. Fill #2 (morphthing) by [personal profile] likeasouffle
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Let's get this party started!

Last week's prompts can be found here and, as always, can be filled whenever you get the inspiration!

1. Cooper + Rachel, This Is A Bad Idea

2. Blaine + Joe, McKinley can't be real

3. an unexpected duet

5. A Softer World Prompt: I wish I could say it gets better, but my jaw is still wired shut.

7. A Softer World Prompt: My superpower is: everyone smiles at me. I don't know who to trust.

8. A Softer World Prompt: We'll give you a new body, a new voice. You'll miss your parents, and the sun, but you could sing.

9. AU: Crime lords and mob-bosses

10. Word Association: whiskey, lullabies, the sound a heart makes when it breaks
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What could be a better way to spend a Thursday morning than filling out some prompts? Nothing, that's what!

Last week's prompts can be found here

So let's get started! Remember, prompts can be filled with fanfics, fanart, icons, anything--whatever you'd like!

1. That time Puck and Mercedes lived with Cooper Anderson in LA because it was cheaper and less terrifying than living on their own.

2. Kurt's magic only ever works for other people.

3. The McKinley High Class of 2012's Twenty Year Reunion

4. Rare pair 1: Quinn and Artie, tango

5. Rare pair 2: Joe and Tina, hair

6. Song Prompt: He Ate My Heart, he ate-ate-ate my heart

7. Song Prompt: You can't stop me mother-f***er 'cause I'm on a boat!

8. "French is the language that turns dirt into romance." -- Stephen King

9. AU: The William McKinley School of Higher Magical Learning

10. Word Association: summer, wine, Important Haircuts
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Get your prompt on here!

(last week's prompts can be found here)

Some prompts to get you started:

1. The older Kurt gets, the more he looks like his dad.

2. The Sam Evans Guide to Introducing Joe Hart to Modern Pop Culture, Even If It Kills Him

3. Finding something everyone in New Directions will eat

4. Rare pair: Quinn + Tina, fabulous feminist duo

5. Rare pair 2: Sugar + Unique, shoe shopping

6. Song prompt:If it makes you happy, then why the hell are you so sad?

7. Song prompt 2: It didn't fit, it wasn't right. Wasn't just the size.

8. “You can love someone so much...But you can never love people as much as you can miss them.” -- John Green

9. AU: Role reversal (their personality is the same, but their role is different) (pick and choose, or do all of them if you'd like):

Some suggestions, but please, feel free to come up with some of your own:
- Mike as Puck (the bad boy), Puck as Mike (the studious dancer)
- Quinn as Tina (the overshadowed shy one), Tina as Quinn (the pregnant-at-fourteen one)
- Blaine as Rachel (the star), Rachel as Blaine (...also the star, but different)
- Artie as Santana (the closeted cheerleader), Santana as Artie (the paralyzed bisexual)

10. word association: moonlight, bare feet, fireflies
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In keeping with some suggestions we received a while ago, THIS POST HERE will continue this week as our prompt post. Fill what's there, and prompt anything new the new ep made you want (or absolutely anything at all!) Be sure to read the awesome fills there already--including the quite incredible circus AU that I want absolutely all of.

Remember: it doesn't just have to be fic!

Have fun, y'all. Be creative! :D
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Seeing as I am currently nursing bruises/swelling from falling out of a train today (note to everyone: "MIND THE GAP" IS ACTUALLY LEGIT ADVICE) and can't bend my leg past about 90 degrees--and there is a creepy looking bug on my bookcase edging ever closer to me which just disappeared ([personal profile] four_tens will be able to sympathise here)--this will just be a quick one!

Here are five prompts to get you started, and feel free to add your own "fics/arts/vids/mixes/etc. this episode made me want really badly" prompts too.

As we had some suggestions regarding the format for prompting last week, we're thinking of changing the weekly post structure (and as soon as narceus and I can find a time when we both don't have Things and also Stuff, we will most certainly sort that out). Until then, please feel more than welcome to fill any of the prompts from last Thursday's post, or any Thursday prompts that catch your eye.

Question: what do people think about setting up a fill list, particularly for any longer fills we get (as well as the shorter ones and 1SM's of course)? (At some point we could also make an aggregate list of all the prompts from old posts that got forgotten, if you guys want one.)

But now, this week's six prompts:

narceus did a really nice format which I'm copying )
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Last week's format seemed to go pretty well, so go ahead and have at it! Five more prompts to get you started under the cut.

Five prompts )
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Go ahead and get your ideas on!

Five prompts to start you off under the cut.

In a set! )
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Okay! I have to go but here's a quick list of ten prompts for the prompt fest--I will try to keep the colour ones to a minimum.

Take a prompt, fill it, leave three more. Anything is most acceptable--fic, fanart, playlists, vids (if you have time?). Go nuts. Feel free also to prompt your own things that the other night's episode made you want more than anything in the whole wide world!

Read more... )

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 Hey all,

So, I'm running a bit late for work today, and we're already into our last-week leadup to new episodes (!!!) so instead of our list of ten prompts, I'm going to throw it over to you to put up the craziest, most complicated prompts you can think of :)

Some fodder for consideration:  Pick any three characters, and give them each something that belongs to another, or that another wants very badly.  What happens?

Alternately: one of my favorite tools for prompts is the random word generator .  Set it to give you three random words, and then see what inspires you there.

(And if somebody else wants to kick off our usual prompting frenzy with a list of ten in the comments, be my guest! :))
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Last week was fun!  It was a bit slow, but remember, you're welcome to come back and fill in answers to prompts all week long.  We'll give the structure another try now.  Remember: take a prompt, leave three more.  And remember, all sorts of fills are acceptable: art of any kind, character-driven playlists, heck, give me a thoughtfully themed recs set.  Be creative :)

Also, I should add that if you have a longer, lengthy story idea etc that you want to discuss but doesn't seem to fit this game's quickfire nature, it's okay to leave that down there like a normal Thursday, too.  Anything goes!

This week's ten prompts under the cut. 

Take them any way your little heart desires... )
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Aloha, my darlings. Happy Thursday!

The lovely [personal profile] jakia  has suggested a twist on our traditional free-for-alls:

In a previous fandom I was in, we had Prompt-Fest days. Essentially, a mod or someone would post ten prompts that ranged from one word (miserable for example) to song lyrics to character situations (the last time Puck cries in Glee; Mike as a Cheerio; Kurt's mother's maiden name, ect.). Everyone who wanted to would then fill a prompt with whatever they want--a drabble, a full length fic, icons, banners, gifsets, sketches, fanart, whatever--but once they posted a fill of their own, they left three prompts of their own behind so someone else could fill it.

So today, we're going to give it a try. Behind a cut, we have ten prompts. Go ahead and do with them whatever you like, just remember to leave new prompts in return!

Prompts here! )
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You can tell I'm loopy because this is the second time I'm posting this entry. Stupid allergy medicine.

Leave prompts! Take prompts! Ficbits, art, snippets and things...go wild. :)
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 It's that time again!

Anything fic, art, gif or graphic related you're just dying to see--prompt it here and with any luck (and just enough puppy-dog faces or heart-eyes), some lovely person will pick it up and fill or create it for you!

(As always: warn in the comment header for any spoilers, play nicely, and have fun etc.)
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Hey there, all!

Welcome to "I Want To See That" Thursday.

The theme of the day is prompts. Anything from requests for fics you've only just realised you really, really need (but have absolutely no time at all to sit down and write) to ideas you think would be good for crossovers, collaborations, vids, art, gif/photosets, gifs of someone doing that Thing that they do--anything at all. With any luck, someone will pick it up!


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