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This post can serve as a final speculation post, final chance to get your predictions and wishes and hopes and dreams in, and, of course, a RAGING GIF PARTY in the lead up to the Big Event. 

Things that will happen on the episode day (it's today for you guys, still tomorrow for me): there will be this post for y'all to go crazy (and tag/spoiler your spoilers, still!), up until a little bit before the episode. Then there will be a liveblogging post for your enjoyment during the episode, and after that, if all goes well, an episode reaction post for you to flail and share gifs and Feeeeels until the next day, when we'll do meta posts and discussion and such. 




The comm will, once again, be going through some changes as we become accustomed to a new Glee night and a new schedule, but we'll be working very hard to keep everything a smooth and regular as possible.

Things that will happen:
  • Days for things may change around a little. You will all be kept updated on this.
  • We will be asking for more AU ideas!
  • Official prompt/rec/spoiler posts are being set up to be used throughout the season, and will be linked in the sticky (when I can work our how) and made conspicuous as possible for convenient use! We'll be like all those fancy comms with crazy prompt threads and stuff! Yay!
  • There may also be a "promote my own shit!" official post set up: what would you guys think about that?
  • Promoting will happen! WOOOOO MORE PEOPLE. 
And, of course, if anyone has questions or suggestions or complaints or elephants to give for any of the above, there is a thread below, we welcome any and all of these things! Mostly elephants, though, what we really want is all your elephants. (It's not for an evil plot at all.) (It's really quite late here. Shhhhhh.)


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As was mentioned a week or so ago, there are Exciting Things happening this hiatus! Now, obviously, some of those are taking a little longer than we thought, but we now have our speculation thread! That's right, we're going to fight the evils of The Summer Of Lies by devoting a whole comm post to what people say in it. 


This is where you can post and discuss (with warnings in your comment headers, of course) :
  • spoilers you've seen
  • interviews about S4
  • speculation
  • wishlists
  • who you think will make it in from The Glee Project
  • bets for certain things happening
  • hopes and expectations
  • black holes and revelations
  • all that jazz!
There will be comment threads for various topics, as well as, for now, a thread for the week we're in so any miscellaneous posts have somewhere to go.

As always, have fun and be safe/nice!

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And, if you're anything like me, that gif is exactly how you're feeling about tonight/tomorrow's episode, so feel free to share your last minute spec, with safely tagged comment headers up to when the episode airs. Have gifparties, have freak outs, have fun.

About half an hour before one of us will set up a thread for livebloggage, which everyone is free to use and flail in as they please. After the ep your general reactions can go here too!

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In the main com this week instead of my own journal!

So, I'll be out and about until just before showtime (or halfway through the episode, if I'm unlucky).  I'll be setting up threads now for discussion today before the episode airs--speculation for tonight, and speculation for future episodes is always welcome on a Tuesday!--as well as tonight's liveblog.  Remember to check back in over the course of the day! 
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Episode title and youtube embed under the cut for the more spoiler-phobic among us.  Let your gasping and speculation run wild!  Just one week until this baby hits the air!

Trailer here... )
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(In light of the fact that I can't do any gifs for you right now, I expect to see a giant gif party in the comments when I wake up tomorrow morning. Do not fail me, comm. Do. Not. Fail. Me.*)

As follows, we're also back to normal posting schedule this week--so this is both our final speculation and excitement post before the episode starts, and our liveblogging/flailing post.

As we're still easing into working out what systems works, things may change in the next few weeks, but for now here's the set up we'll try: I will set up a comment thread for last minute spoiler-talk (MAKE SURE YOU NOTE WHAT SPOILERS/ELEMENTS YOU'RE TALKING ABOUT IN THE COMMENT HEADER, PLEASE, as always), and one for crazed gif party excitement.
When the episode starts you can do your liveblogging comments in their own threads, and narceus or I may set up specific discussion/character threads after the episode to ease post-ep discussion.
Then, after that, there will be two other posts--speculation on the new trailer, and another "Give Me All Your Gifs" post.

I hope that makes sense to everyone. Everything should go smoothly, but don't hate us if it doesn't! We'll also set up a thread at the end of the evening/liveblogging for you guys to comment on what worked or what didn't for future reference.

And now, let us get thoroughly and absolutely cray!

*I'll still love you if you don't. But you probably should anyway... 

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(Alas I have no gif on hand for you guys...)

It's Spoilers time! How fitting, given that we've received some of our first information on 3x15 in the past 24 hours (and are likely to receive many more given how this fandom does its thing).

Remember to be chill and respectful, and tag your spoilers/spec in the comment header. And also have fun!

Things that are still happening and that you should go have fun with:

  1. Thursday's prompts
  2. Our awesome game of corrupt-a-wish from Sunday
  3. Discussion of movie watch-alongs with [personal profile] naderegen
  4. Reccing left over from Monday's thread.
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That's right, it's rampant spoiler and speculation time! Give us all your links, your songlists, sneaky set photos, and, as usual, your crazy (or not-so-crazy) theories on what the hell they all mean.

Those who are abstaining, steer clear, of course!

Make sure you note the episode/type of spoiler in the comment header so people can be spoiled at their own discretion.

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Okay, guys. This week, let's aggregate ALL THE LINKS. And then discuss them half to death when we do :)

Sny new spoilers as they come out, and any and all speculation on what might happen next, we are here to take it and run. Go forth! Make ridiculous guesses! Make sure to use appropriate comment headers!
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So, you know, beware and stuff.

All your theories, song spoilers, interviews, rumours, and discussion of all of the above, for episode 3.15, 3.16 and beyond. Feel free to come back and update this thread at any time of the week!

Please also remember to mark what episode the spoiler concerns, and what type of spoiler you have, in the comment header, so that everyone may be spoiled at their own discretion.

Have fun, guys, there are some big ones coming up!
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Okay, so I'm dashing out the door and not likely to be back before tonight, but! Tuesday!

Here be the place for all your crazy theories about 3.15, 3.16 and beyond. Any and all spoilers are welcome in the comments. So whether you've got a link to a new interview, or an extensive, convoluted theory about what that means...go wild.

HOWEVER. We ask that you please list the number of the episode in the comment header, so that those of us with very particular spoiler dietary restrictions can at least have some option of skimming by. As we go along, depending on how much demand there is for it, we might cook up a system that makes use of Dreamwidth's very cool 'show only top-tier comments' feature, but give us a few weeks on that.

Oh, and one more thing: this may be Tuesday's post, but spoilers and ideas can happen any day of the week, so feel free to keep coming back here over the next few days to post links or spec if anything new comes out. Keep checking back here, too!
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Put your speculation and spoilers for On My Way below!


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Rec Thread (COMING SOON)

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