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Here, have some visual hugs!

And now get to work on our weekly non-verbal love-in. :D
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It is Sunday! Day of party and fun!

We want to do something a little different today, though, so here's the thing:

This comm has been around and open for just about two months now, and I for one would like to call it a definite success. It's pretty good. It could be even better, though, and that's where you guys come in.

We-your-mods are not infallible geniuses (just the regular genius kind ;) ), so we want some feedback. Things we'd love:
  • Ideas for different day-of-the-week themes
  • Ideas for structures or prompts you'd like to see during a particular day-of-the-week theme (for instance, having a comment thread game on Sundays)
  • Things that are just not working for you
  • Things that are really, really working for you
  • Your opinion on the liveblogging and response structure for new episodes
  • Anything else you have feelings about.

Also, it's becoming increasingly obvious that a few of your mods all have some rather complicated RL stuff going on all at the same time.  We're still invested, but we don't necessarily have the time or the capacity to run things (daily posts, coming up with new ideas, finding ways to inspire and promote conversation) alone.  We're giving some serious consideration to recruiting another mod to help share the job around.  If you've got any interest in that, either leave a comment down below, or toss me or [personal profile] needs_more_green  a pm.

Because it's Sunday, this doesn't need to be all work!  Let's have some fun and games in the comments.  I vote we play gif/graphic party: every one you post must be a response to the one above.  Here, let's start with this one:


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(look at those impressive picked-up runs, Finn!
Also can anyone tell me where Puck's skateboard went...)

Hello all, nice to see you all once again! Welcome to your weekend, or your Sunday--or, for any other Australians, the day before your holidays end. I know. So upsetting...

Spend it the best way you know how and contribute to our non-verbal rave, here! Anything goes, as long as it doesn't involve words (vids and playlists are fine though, they don't count as words).

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(In light of the fact that I can't do any gifs for you right now, I expect to see a giant gif party in the comments when I wake up tomorrow morning. Do not fail me, comm. Do. Not. Fail. Me.*)

As follows, we're also back to normal posting schedule this week--so this is both our final speculation and excitement post before the episode starts, and our liveblogging/flailing post.

As we're still easing into working out what systems works, things may change in the next few weeks, but for now here's the set up we'll try: I will set up a comment thread for last minute spoiler-talk (MAKE SURE YOU NOTE WHAT SPOILERS/ELEMENTS YOU'RE TALKING ABOUT IN THE COMMENT HEADER, PLEASE, as always), and one for crazed gif party excitement.
When the episode starts you can do your liveblogging comments in their own threads, and narceus or I may set up specific discussion/character threads after the episode to ease post-ep discussion.
Then, after that, there will be two other posts--speculation on the new trailer, and another "Give Me All Your Gifs" post.

I hope that makes sense to everyone. Everything should go smoothly, but don't hate us if it doesn't! We'll also set up a thread at the end of the evening/liveblogging for you guys to comment on what worked or what didn't for future reference.

And now, let us get thoroughly and absolutely cray!

*I'll still love you if you don't. But you probably should anyway... 

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(images source: kurt-lopez on tumblr)

Greetings, and Happy Easter (in a couple of hours) to anyone on this side of the world! To everyone else, happy day of much silence and many gifs and funtimes. I, for one, have missed everyone very much, and am most glad for the Easter break's existence.

So! Give us all your gifs and gifsets, manips and fanarts, and vids and playlists and, of course, much much more.

Other things:
  • Head over to Tuesday's post if you'd like to flail over the songs we got yesterday
  • On the topic of spoilers, head over here if you'd like to discuss the performance released this week, with some detailed and awesome screencaps by the lovely [personal profile] jakia 
  • Keep prompting and filling on our Thursday Prompt Fest post! (Someday we will make this an actually Frenzy, and it will be amazing)
  • There is also still the going discussion of Glee-related Movie Streaming here with the lovely [personal profile] naderegen 
And just a reminder that our posting schedule is changing as of next week when Glee returns! narceus explained it here, and our sticky note also has the full schedule.

And, here, have some loveable Furt:

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 (though apparently my Saturday evening is determined to be anything but silent; the neighbours are having yet another raucous party--I don't the music will be off any time soon...)

(graphic by assderson on tumblr: here.
They have some other really lovely graphics too, which everybody should go check out right the hell now!)

All your non-verbal Glee-related shenanigans go here! This means graphics, gif parties (in which we have been severely lacking so far!), vids, fanmixes, fanart. And keep those nifty photosets coming, because lord knows I haven't worked it out yet.

Have a great deal of unspoken fun!

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 (So I'm too tired to come up with a poignant and relevant quote, so just imagining me belting out Don't Speak by No Doubt (because at my current level of delirium I probably actually am doing that)...)


Silent Saturday! Give us all the gifs, and any other forms of awesome non-verbal communication. <3 (In particular, vid recs and those amazing Glee movie-style posters that just keep coming!)

ALSO: the new prompting structure over on the Thursday post seems to be going quite nicely--keep it up, guys! Feel more than welcome to continue prompting and filling throughout the week--in fact, we your mods command it (or something).

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"You say it best / when you say nothing at all."

--As remarked by the unintentionally ironic Ronan Keating in his awful stellar hit When You Say Nothing At All
It's that time again--Silent Saturday!

Gives us all your gifs, gifsets, graphics, manips, vids, pictures, music, and more of that awesome Glee movie posters trend, and revel in the power of non-verbal communication.

(NB: I am going to find whatever ridiculous quotes I can for this post every time it comes around. Beware.)
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 As that perspicacious and prolific producer of pamphlets Emma Pillsbury once said, just a few weeks ago: "If you really want to listen, you'll stop talking."

That's not entirely relevant, but she's my favourite woman in the universe right now and I thought that would be a good lead-in to Silent Saturday, aka the day where we celebrate communication through anything nonverbal--that means gifs, graphics, art, vids, manips, and all the rest!

So have fun, and as Miss Pillsbury also said: "Hurrayyy, not speaking!"

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or Funday Sunday!

As it's the second week and we probably don't all "know the drill" yet: Sunday is party time. Post anything--fic related, from snippets to cracky AUs; something pictorial, manips to gifsets to graphics; quotes, or conversations that occur entirely in quotes; interviews; memes; headcanons (all the headcanons)--basically, all the fun bits of tumblr without the scariness of, well, it being tumblr.

Once again, you can find the gifset code provided by the lovely [personal profile] likeasouffle here!

As [personal profile] narceus said last week, "go hog wild". But go hog wild in a way that is respectful of your fellow comm members and ensures everybody has funtimes.


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All right, ladies, gentlemen, and anyone otherwise-identified. Welcome to our very first Sunday party post!

The rules are simple: anything goes, so long as it's fun. The glorious [personal profile] likeasouffle , who will be going down in some kind of infamy if [personal profile] crown_of_weeds  has anything to say about it, has worked out the codes for how to do gifsets and posted it here, so go wild with that.  Snippets of cracky AU ideas you can't decide what to do with?  Pics, quotes, random bits of interview...let's see if we can't get up a rousing game of memes in the comments, yeah?

One of your mods may be along in the comments with some prompts or ideas for themes today, but either way, go hog wild.  And always remember:

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Let's get this thing kicked off!

Today is our celebration of all fandom things nonverbal.  Images, manips, .gifs, vids, long as it's not written word, it's up for grabs!  Post recs, post requests, post anything at all you've made or found...have a party!

(Technically speaking, Silent Saturday will probably end up having rather a lot more noise involved than almost any day of the week...but there are different kinds of silence, and hey, 'Wordless Saturday' doesn't alliterate.)

Go wild, guys!  Have at it.


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