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4x05 reaction post!

OMG I basically loved all the songs. :D :D

Post your reactions, meta, prompts, gifs, etc for 4x05 here! You can include anything about any episode that has already aired, including promos that have aired, but please no spoilers for future episodes other than official promos. :)

Re: Kurt, Blaine, and children

[personal profile] tilia_cordata 2012-11-14 02:02 am (UTC)(link)
There was some chatting on Tumblr about this (first post here), where the fact that they have these elaborate (but possibly fairly unrealistic) dreams for the far future suggests a communication issue where they aren't talking about the closer-at-hand future.

I'm not sure it's so much the idea that children, etc are too pedestrian for Kurt and Blaine as it is that they are too realistic, and kind of scary, for 18-19 year olds? That daydreaming about retirement and a light house and an artists colony is fun and romantic but doesn't require any real nitty gritty planning for the near future.
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I don't have any deep thoughts on this episode. :/

I really enjoyed all the music. :)

I like Finn's story line a lot and the direction that is heading right now. I feel a connection to his story line in a very personal way. Feeling lost and having no direction in life, or any idea what you want to do, and very poor self esteem. All of that hits VERY close to home for me. :( I love Finn Hudson and I want him to run glee club, I think it could be really good for him, I hope he says yes. :)

I enjoyed Unique's plot, even though it made me tear up. I am happy we are getting more back story about her. I hope we get to see her kill it as Rizzo.

Will & Emma’s last scene was beautiful and I really enjoyed it. It showed maturity from where they have been in the past, that I was impressed with.

I missed Kurt and Rachel of course, but only because I love them, not because I thought the episode actually needed them to be there. It didn't.

I cannot wait for Grease next week! Looking forward to that. ^_^

I really enjoyed the cinematography of this scene so I am glad I found this