Feb. 29th, 2012

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Welcome to the middle of the week, everyone, hope it's treating you right.

As it's hiatus, and we have no episode to discuss, Wednesday is General Meta Discussion Day!

Today's the day if you have any questions to ask, anything you're concerned or confused about, or any references you missed  and would like to sort out (which, if you're anything like me, will be a great deal)--or if you'd like to share an opinion about what you think is really going on. We'll discuss as much as we can and, hopefully, we'll all get some answers out of it! Feel free to link your own meta or analysis for discussion.

I'll set up some basic subheading threads you can start your discussion in, but feel free to start a new thread for a topic.

As always, remember that wank is only for the characters, and that having toys is only fun when everyone plays with them nicely.

Aaaaaaaand GO!


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Rec Thread (COMING SOON)

Spoiler and Spec Thread (COMING SOON)

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