Mar. 27th, 2012

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(Alas I have no gif on hand for you guys...)

It's Spoilers time! How fitting, given that we've received some of our first information on 3x15 in the past 24 hours (and are likely to receive many more given how this fandom does its thing).

Remember to be chill and respectful, and tag your spoilers/spec in the comment header. And also have fun!

Things that are still happening and that you should go have fun with:

  1. Thursday's prompts
  2. Our awesome game of corrupt-a-wish from Sunday
  3. Discussion of movie watch-alongs with [personal profile] naderegen
  4. Reccing left over from Monday's thread.


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Rec Thread (COMING SOON)

Spoiler and Spec Thread (COMING SOON)

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