Apr. 29th, 2012

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It is Sunday! Day of party and fun!

We want to do something a little different today, though, so here's the thing:

This comm has been around and open for just about two months now, and I for one would like to call it a definite success. It's pretty good. It could be even better, though, and that's where you guys come in.

We-your-mods are not infallible geniuses (just the regular genius kind ;) ), so we want some feedback. Things we'd love:
  • Ideas for different day-of-the-week themes
  • Ideas for structures or prompts you'd like to see during a particular day-of-the-week theme (for instance, having a comment thread game on Sundays)
  • Things that are just not working for you
  • Things that are really, really working for you
  • Your opinion on the liveblogging and response structure for new episodes
  • Anything else you have feelings about.

Also, it's becoming increasingly obvious that a few of your mods all have some rather complicated RL stuff going on all at the same time.  We're still invested, but we don't necessarily have the time or the capacity to run things (daily posts, coming up with new ideas, finding ways to inspire and promote conversation) alone.  We're giving some serious consideration to recruiting another mod to help share the job around.  If you've got any interest in that, either leave a comment down below, or toss me or [personal profile] needs_more_green  a pm.

Because it's Sunday, this doesn't need to be all work!  Let's have some fun and games in the comments.  I vote we play gif/graphic party: every one you post must be a response to the one above.  Here, let's start with this one:

Source: textsfromwmhs.tumblr.com

(source: textsfromwmhs.tumblr.com)


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