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There is now a link to the hiatus shenanigans masterpost summary-thing in the sidebar of the comm.

Hope that works almost as well as a sticky for now.

Remember you can use those posts wheneverthehell you want!

Thanks for all your patience, dear sweet comm. <3
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Just a note to let all of you guys know that, as we move into the hiatus, we're taking this Tuesday off so your mods can reconvene and come up with a new and better summer schedule. In the mean time, why not check out Thursday's prompt post, Sunday's corrupt-a-wish game, or Monday's recs post?

We'll be back tomorrow with a meta and questions Wednesday ready for discussion of all of Season 3 (and the full three aired seasons, for that matter).
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We take some time out of your regular Tuesday viewing schedule to announce some important changes that have been made to the com!  We've rearranged our mod structure a bit.

I am pleased to introduce to you (as though you don't already know them) your two new mods: [personal profile] likeasouffle  and [personal profile] jakia , who will be helping the com out with everything from an updated tagging system to fun and creative new ideas to get us all through hiatus.  Your four mods will now be [personal profile] needsmoregreen , [personal profile] jakia , [personal profile] likeasouffle , and myself.  You should feel free to PM any one of us if you have an issue or a concern, and we'll discuss it between ourselves.

I now return you to vibrating with excitement over tonight's episode. ;)
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 Welcome to Opening Yourself Up To Joy! We’re a Glee gen/multi-shipping fan community on DW, and we’re here to have fun. After all, by its very definition, Glee is about opening yourself up to joy--though, to be fair, sometimes it likes to make us sob a little, first.

This is a place for people who like to play around in the world Glee created, and who like liking things with other people.  You know--fans. Fandom. Fannish things. There’s room for everyone here, so long as we can play nice and remember that different people like different things. Some people write epic AUs; other people write the silliest, crackiest drabbles or the most heartbreaking Blangst. Some fans do incredibly detailed analysis of a character’s body language in a scene; others like to look at all the layers of parallelism Glee uses, and others like to do meta looking at archetypes or colors or broader themes. Some of us like to take apart the show and figure out how it works and what it’s trying to say...and some of us like to re-iminagine it in Westeros. Some people don’t get much out of meta, but they’ve got the best headcanons they’d like to share; others aren’t much for words but they’re absolute wizards with gifs or gifsets or graphics. Some people make vids; some people can draw; some people don’t make things but love seeing what other people can do. It’s all good.

We have only one rule (but here are a few guidelines to help you stick to it): WANK IS ONLY FOR THE CHARACTERS.

Your friendly local mods are [personal profile] crown_of_weeds , [personal profile] narceus , [personal profile] needs_more_green , and [personal profile] naderegen .  Feel free to message us with any questions, comments, anything at all.  We only bite in situations with a pre-designated safeword.  Promise.

Much like New Directions, everybody who’s ever auditioned for this group has gotten in...but we’d love it if you’d sing us a little song, tell us who you are all the same.

Lastly, but not at all least!  Take a look at our Weekly Schedule of Awesomeness and Fun )

Some Links Of Note:

Did you know you can make gifsets on DW too? [personal profile] likeasouffle  has the code here.

The lovely[personal profile] four_tens  is providing us with a series of crazy-detailed episode recaps, starting from the Pilot, which you can find here.


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Rec Thread (COMING SOON)

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