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(Keeping the typing to a minimum as for the second week in a row I have injured myself and my wrist is kind of crying right now, so!)

Seems there were a lot of mixed opinions around on this one, so as always let's keep it civil, and keep this comm's stellar reputation.

There was also some serious Stuff in this episode, so let's get right into it! (Feel free to link other meta as well, but be sure to tag.)

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(Alas, I am on the wrong computer to give you all a fancy gif...)

So, for those of you who are more excited for Glee's senior prom episode than you are or were for your own prom/formal (and this would be me, right here...)--this is the place for you! Share your last minute spec, with safely tagged comment headers up to when the episode airs, of course. Have gifparties, have freak outs, have fun.

About half an hour before one of us will set up a thread for livebloggage, which everyone is free to use and flail in as they please. After the ep your general reactions can go here too!



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Rec Thread (COMING SOON)

Spoiler and Spec Thread (COMING SOON)

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