Mar. 6th, 2012

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 Okay you guys. I am so, so sorry that this is so late... it's been WEEKS. But life came at me pretty busy, so now that it's Spring Break I'm finally catching up on this. Hopefully Throwdown is super easy to write, I'm starting it after work tomorrow. But until then, enjoy!

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So, you know, beware and stuff.

All your theories, song spoilers, interviews, rumours, and discussion of all of the above, for episode 3.15, 3.16 and beyond. Feel free to come back and update this thread at any time of the week!

Please also remember to mark what episode the spoiler concerns, and what type of spoiler you have, in the comment header, so that everyone may be spoiled at their own discretion.

Have fun, guys, there are some big ones coming up!


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Rec Thread (COMING SOON)

Spoiler and Spec Thread (COMING SOON)

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