May. 3rd, 2012

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Seeing as I am currently nursing bruises/swelling from falling out of a train today (note to everyone: "MIND THE GAP" IS ACTUALLY LEGIT ADVICE) and can't bend my leg past about 90 degrees--and there is a creepy looking bug on my bookcase edging ever closer to me which just disappeared ([personal profile] four_tens will be able to sympathise here)--this will just be a quick one!

Here are five prompts to get you started, and feel free to add your own "fics/arts/vids/mixes/etc. this episode made me want really badly" prompts too.

As we had some suggestions regarding the format for prompting last week, we're thinking of changing the weekly post structure (and as soon as narceus and I can find a time when we both don't have Things and also Stuff, we will most certainly sort that out). Until then, please feel more than welcome to fill any of the prompts from last Thursday's post, or any Thursday prompts that catch your eye.

Question: what do people think about setting up a fill list, particularly for any longer fills we get (as well as the shorter ones and 1SM's of course)? (At some point we could also make an aggregate list of all the prompts from old posts that got forgotten, if you guys want one.)

But now, this week's six prompts:

narceus did a really nice format which I'm copying )


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