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Good morning, pretty comm people. Hope your Mondays and new weeks are up to scratch so far.

Just a reminder to hit up the new hiatus recs post in our Summer Funtimes series! There should be more hiatus posts this week, so stay tuned.

Also a reminder to have a gander 'round the other amazing posts we've had this week--skank!Kurt and Mike meta and comm love, oh my!

This Monday, too, we'd like to hear from you guys--do you have any feedback on recent changes? Any tips or areas you think could be improved? Any burning ideas you think would make this fantastic comm (See what I did there?) Hit us up here.

Thank you to everyone in this comm who has been supportive and responsive and generally lovely all this time. You guys deserve some entirely non-anonymous (nonymous...?) love from us mods. <3

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Welcome to the first post in our comm's slightly new format/schedule!

This is where all your recs for anything related to the Glee hiatus, the summer, Season 4 or the Future (essentially, anything left open-ended or open to exploration by the season finale) go!

Post links to fic, art, vids, playlists, RPs, meta, obscure interpretive dance routines--go absolutely wild!

(And play nicely, but you all know that...)

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 Happy Monday (night), guys! Or Tuesday, depending on where you are. Apologies for the lateness of the hour, but we still have some time to get in some recs!

As always, post anything of a fannish nature that strikes your fancy, but the theme for this week if you need a hand, is: 


Take that how you will, whether it's vids about ND's crazy magical abilities or AUs in which Artie is a magician, go nuts!

(Stay posted for a new and exciting!post scientifically designed for hiatus funtimes :D)
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Happy Monday, guys! Happy Memorial Day to those of you living in the US or outlying territories, and haha suckers you have to work today happy regular Monday to the rest of you.

In keeping with the day's theme, at least around these parts, today's recs theme is memories. This can be a fic with extensive flashbacks, a fic involving a character getting over a lot of his/her past, a character learning about somebody else's past--take it however you choose. And happy reccing!
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 [in which Emily enjoys having gifs back again :D]

Hey guys!

Welcome to another new week! Hope everyone is surviving alright, because it's now time for your weekly attack of recs! 

(gotta love those classy victory moments, huh?)

As always, you can rec whatever you'd like (and in whatever medium you'd like), but if you'd like a helping hand with a theme, this weeks theme is:


Basically anything that crosses Glee with another fandom or text. By all means, go craycray!

AND, if you're not feeling so crash hot this week, here, have a snuggle:

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 Welcome to a new week, pretty comm people!

Now let's rec some pretty things. :)

This week's theme (which you do not have to stick to if you do not wish it so):


Relate that in any way you wish (whether a piano is merely mentioned or used once, or whether two characters have exciting sex atop one...). Any form of fannish creation is most welcome!

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 (and the bad puns continue...)

(and feel free to have a good ol' cry about that one) 

So we missed a Sunday post in there, apologies everyone! We're sorting out some admin stuff, and there may be some things changing or happening this week--so keep an eye out for that.

It's Monday once again, which means it's time for Recs To Get You Through The Week! Rec any art/fic/vid/graphic you've seen and loved and share the joy and/or crushing angst.

Theme for this weeks recs, if you'd like to use one, is: 


Interpret that how you will, and rec anything else you want as well.

Be sure to also stop by this week's prompt frenzy thread, it's looking a little lonely over there. 
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Welcome to the new working week, people from the past! 


Hope everyone's feeling well--but as always, if not: have some ficc-y, arty-, vid-y, meta-y recs to help start your week in style (or angst, whichever you prefer). You can rec anything and everything--but if you'd like a theme to work with, today's rec theme is:


Because don't we all love a good road-trip story? If it turns out that there aren't that many (in which case we should all make a joint decision to rectify that immediately), fics that just contain some form of road-trip are fine too.

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Good morning, my lot of lovelies.  Hope you survived your respective weekends more or less in one piece.

Today, once again, I'd encourage you to rec any and all fic/art/vids/etc you've seen in the past week that you've loved, and also today, once again, we have an additional theme!

Today's theme is going to be crossovers.   There's been a lot of interest in AU recs, and I think I'm going to break that down across a few different weeks, since there are so many different kinds of AU, and it's only fair to focus on one at a time.  So today, rec me your favorite stories (AU and canon-compliant) that bump across another fandom entirely!  Or vid, or art, or etc.  (I know there's some really excellent Glee/Doctor Who art out there, for instance.)

Give it a whirl, ladies, gentlemen, and otherwise-identified com-mates of mine!  Let's see what you've got.
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And it begins anew, ladies, gentlemen, and otherwise-identified lovelies. Another Monday, another week--another chance to rec a few things to help us all survive it intact.

Trying a bit of something new today, which is THEMED RECS. Feel free to post any of your favorite stories/art/fic/etc that's you've seen recently, but beyond that: this week's theme is cuddlefic. Share with us your favorite fic of all-time that involves two (or three, or more...) of people cuddling, no matter how old, or recent, or well-known. It can be romantic cuddling, or totally platonic, or an entire ND dog pile.  Or hey, a Warblers dog pile, if that's what floats your boat.

(And if any of you have ideas for future themed recs weeks, such as longfic, WIP's, fic focusing on a particular character, gen fic, etc, go ahead and leave those down below too!)
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Morning, all!

Sorry that yesterday's post got a bit backburnered/cancelled unannounced due to holiday.  It's the start of another week, with a brand new episode coming up in less than 48 hours, and we are ready to go!

Today: recs.  Recs of all shapes and sizes.  Anything awesome that happened this week, or anything from untold ages ago, we want to see it here :D

And happy Monday! 
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 I have a Big Ass Drama Assessment tomorrow, so this is just a quick post:


Happy beginning of the week! Hope it doesn't suck too hard--or at all, really.

Now, your beauteous mods command you: REC ALL THE THINGS.

(I am super tired, okay...)
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Happy Monday, guys.  Here we are again, ready to set forth on another week of stuff.  May the odds be ever in your favor, etc etc.

Share your recs here!  Fics vids meta, anything at all, have at it.

Remember that Thursday's prompts are still going, and we got up one awesome game of corrupt-a-wish in yesterday's post if you're interested in playing.  Also, go ahead and check in at [personal profile] naderegen 's post about movie watch-alongs.

Let the recs begin!
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 Well, happy Commencement Of The Working Week to any and all. 

(gif is not mine; came from tumblr)

If you're at all like me, and the beginning of your week has been "less than spectacular", then you look like you could really use some Monday recs to get you out of that funk! (Geddit...?)

(If not, feel free to rec and be given recs, too.)
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(Just a quick post before I'm off to bed myself...)

Happy Monday morning/afternoon/late evening, depending on your location!

Hopefully your weekends passed well, and you've emerged relatively unscathed and ready for another week of fun and productivity--if so: have some fic/meta/art/vid/etc recs to congratulate yourself!

If not: here, have some fic/meta/art/vid/etc recs to make your feel better. We promise it works like a charm.

All the best, guys!

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Happy Monday (or Tuesday if you hail from the Land Down Under :D), all! Hope your weeks have all started well, and that they continue to be well. 

If not, then here: have some absolutely fabulous recs to get you there! 

You know what to do: if it has anything to do with Glee, rec it here and share the awesome. Fic, meta, vids, art, etc etc. 
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Happy Monday, guys. Hope you all survived your weekends at least reasonably intact. We've got five long days looming ahead of us until the next one (except for those of us who happen to live in Australia), so let's help them go by a little easier, okay?

HERE SHALL BE RECS. The rules for this post are simple: Is it a thing that exists? Online? Does it have to do with Glee? Then post a link to it here. That's fic, but that's also vids or art, and it also means meta, or any sort of interesting ideas you've run into poking around.

Any character, any pairing, go wild. Feel free to request recs along a certain theme if you're really feeling it, and one of your friendly local mods might pop along into the comments and suggest a theme if you're really stuck for ideas.

So, c'mon. Link me something good. Tell me why you like it. ;)


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